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9 Mark Edexcel A Level Superpower Question

Discussion in 'Geography' started by terry_kessie, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. terry_kessie

    terry_kessie New commenter

    Can you read my answer the the question and give me a marks on what I did. Thanks

    Explain how recent economic changes have undermined the power and influence of the 20th century superpowers (9).

    Recent Economic changes like the global recession in 2008 have shown a decrease in power from current super powers like the US and UK. One Economic problem is the amount of debt the country is in. The global recession in 2008 has created higher public debt in rich countries like the UK. This means that citizens of the UK are more likely to have an increase in taxes and a decrease of wages so the government is able to subsidise fundamental public sector services like the BUS and Emergency services.

    Unemployment has led to a decrease of power. This spark is because of TNCs relocating the secondary industries like factories and industrial to countries where costs like labour are cheaper. This means that jobs in the existing superpower will be lost leading to unemployment. An example is Jaguar land rover who moved all their industry from the UK to places like Shanghai so they can save money and decrease costs.

    These changes gave undermined the power of 20th century countries because previously, it was about being a hard power and having military and economic dominance but now countries have become neocolonial so it is more about businesses in their countries.
  2. freckle06

    freckle06 Lead commenter

    You may not find what you're looking for here. Try looking for an A level Edexcel Facebook page. I don't teach A level but these are a few thoughts:

    I would say 'One Economic problem is the amount of debt the country is in' is too vague. You've just named two countries so which one are you talking about? Can you quantify this?

    'BUS and Emergency services.' BUS services - is this an acronym? Or do you mean public transport? Where does the government subsidise bus services? Are the emergency services subsidised? This implies someone else pays for them. Ambulances are part of the NHS. The Fire Service, Police are funded by the government. The government cannot reduce wages as you suggest, they can raise taxes - can you prove when this was done (look at VAT as a thought)

    Avoid 'the spark' do you mean cause? Where are 'industrial' located now? Check the grammar on this.

    I suggest you carefully follow PEEL - point, evidence (prove what you are saying by giving locational examples and data where it is available), explain clearly with geographical vocabulary (ask your self so what and go into more detail) and then link pack to the question.

    'These changes' what changes? This sentence also doesn't make sense - what are you getting out? If this is a conclusion (which I suggest you want to summarise your main reasons) then don't introduce something new. Summarise your main reasons with proof and link back to the question.

    Land Rover (check your SPAG you have capital letters where you don't need them and miss them when you do) and some of your sentences don't say what you think they say.

    I have no idea what is in the mark scheme so cannot suggest how many marks you'll get. I suggest you rework this and go back to your teacher, assuming that you are a 6th former somewhere.

    Good luck with it.

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