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9-1 AQA GCSE Boundaries

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by qwerty123qwerty, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. qwerty123qwerty

    qwerty123qwerty New commenter

    Hello everyone

    I am interested to see what percentages different people are using to guess the new 9-1 boundaries when assessing students. I know we have no idea until first set of exams but just interested to see what others are estimating, especially given the old spec grades, but also looking at how low Maths and English 9-1 were last year!

    I am currently using:

    9 90%
    8 85%
    7 75%
    6 65%
    5 55%
    4 50%
    3 40%
    2 35%
    1 25%

  2. alfm786

    alfm786 New commenter

    Edexcel have said roughly the same number of students who achieved a 'C' in the GCSE legacy will be getting a level 4, so I have used last year's 'C' grade boundary percentage for 9-1 level 4, the 'A' grade as 7, 6 as a 'B' and filled in the gaps.

    It will never be 100% accurate but a rough idea, the truth is until August this year we will not know
  3. sarabeattie14

    sarabeattie14 New commenter

    I have the same issue am marking mocks and the AQA notice on new linear qualifications on the AQA website for (AS, A LEVEL and GCSE) states that the get a C (4) is 60 % on a combined mark for the 2 papers, which seems really harsh...

    I am planning on doing something similar to you...

    Anyone with additional information?

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