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8000 New Computer Science Teachers?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Compucademy, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. Compucademy

    Compucademy New commenter

    Has there been any action on the promise to train 8000 new Computer Science teachers? The only stats I can find show that about 500 new ones are trained each year.
  2. Compucademy

    Compucademy New commenter

    No one?

    I'm referring to this announcement: https://dfemedia.blog.gov.uk/2019/05/08/gcse-computing-holiday-clubs-and-free-school-meals/

    "We have also continued to offer schools a range of support to improve the teaching of computing since its introduction and are investing £84m over the next four years to upskill up to 8,000 computer science teachers and drive up participation in computer science.

    Entries for computer science GCSE continue to rise, increasing from just over 4,000 when it was introduced in 2013 to over 70,000 in 2018."
  3. madcat

    madcat Occasional commenter

    'Upskill up to 8000 computer science teachers'.
    This isn't about new staff, this is about increasing the skills of current CS staff and as always the phrase up to is telling.
    This government are very good at weasel worded pronouncements. Intended to mislead and misdirect

    Besides CAS 2.0 - can't remember what they are now called - have got all of the funding sewn up so contact them for more

    ...and by the by Computing was re-introduced in 2013
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  4. madcat

    madcat Occasional commenter

    ... and besides 2 - this statement was made in ancient times before the present incumbents appeared.

    Currently, as the man said - cue drums and trumpets
  5. moscowbore

    moscowbore Star commenter

    Why not just go out and recruit 8000 CS teachers?

    It is misleading to state that gcse entries are increasing. The number of state schools offering gcse CS is decreasing rapidly. Less than half state schools offer gcse CS.

    The fact that the government are not even attempting to recruit actual qualified CS teachers says it all really.

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