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8 Year experince in ks2... What else can I do instead of teaching?

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by jpickering89, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. jpickering89

    jpickering89 New commenter

    Hi guys,

    This might be a slightly controversial post but I figured who better to give advice than a community of teachers.

    I've had just over 8 years experience of teaching - predominately in ks2 with some dips into ks1, currently in my second year of year 6.
    I'm also level 2 BSL trained and have plenty of experience with SEN and I'm a subject leadwr with a TLR.

    However, I've no desire to step into senior management and am rapidly falling out of love with being a classroom teacher. But here in lies my dilemma - what else can do I do with all my knowledge, skills and experience? I don't want to go into a private school or adult learning. Id love to do sormthing more removed but still with kids that pays similar to what I'm on now as I'm saving for a mortgage.
    Need help or places to be directed to?
    Any advice welcome
  2. trippa

    trippa New commenter

    I was in the same boat as you but, by pure chance I landed a very kushty little gig working with universities conducting research on their behalf.
    Although I no longer do that, it may be worth you speaking to local and further afield universities, especially those with education departments as they may have something right up your street.
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  3. CreativeADT

    CreativeADT New commenter

    Private tutoring could also be for you. You clearly have a good understanding and experience of the primary curriculum and it would be a way to contribute to children without the large classes and extras that go with classroom teaching
  4. misssunflower2

    misssunflower2 New commenter

    I left teaching around 2 years ago during my RQT year and I have been working as a TA with some HLTA hours. I’ve recently built my confidence back up and I’ve started doing some tutoring on top of my TA job and I’m really happy with being able to use my teaching skills without the stress and responsibility of being a class teacher. I may consider my options again in the future but I don’t miss the burned out feeling I had when I left my old job. I am consideringreturning to possibly secondary maths or English in the future but I imaginethis has different workload challengesthan primary but not necessarily lesswork. Hope things work out for you.
  5. misssunflower2

    misssunflower2 New commenter

    **Don’t know why my above post has missed some spaces out.

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