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7 week scan

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Melloggs, May 31, 2011.

  1. Hi I was just wondering if those who have had an early scan during their pregnancy were told whether or not they needed to go with a full bladder? I've got one soon and I've no idea what to expect.
    Thanks in advance for any replies x
  2. yes you will need a full bladder although they may do an internal if not full enough/too full/can't see enough so don't worry too much! I have had 3 in total and everytime I made sure I had a full bladder and was told to empty it so they could do an internal one!

    Hope it goes well xxx
  3. Hi Melloggs, I had a 7 week scan and was told to go with a full bladder. However, I went a little too full and had to pop to the the toilet! That was a relief as it was hurting! So my advice would be to drink beforehand but not too much.
    Good luck with the scan. At 7 weeks we got to see a heartbeat but I know that is not always the case as dates can be wrong etc. It's a lovely moment to see something there; really makes it feel more real (I am now 7 months pregnant and it definitely feels real now)
  4. Thank you for the replies x

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