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6th form to Secondary

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by William94, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Posting on behalf of a friend who has forgotten his TES Password!

    "Hi, I will be an NQT in September after just completing my PGCE.

    I applied and successfully got a job in a top 6th form College on a one year contract - (to be reviewed in July 12)
    My only concern is that I will be 'trapped' in 6th forms, and unable to get a job in a secondary school.

    So, what is the possibility of me being able to go back into Secondary education after possibly a year of teaching in a 6th form college?

    I have experience of working in secondary, with all of my lessons observed during my PGCE being good or better, but working at a 6th form might give me a disadvantage of being able to work back in secondary...

  2. Hi William94's friend.
    I would first of all say I have no experience of moving from FE to Secondary. I have always taught secondary.
    Also as a current Head of Sixth Form I find your use of terms a bit odd.
    Generally we refer to 6th Form Colleges as Colleges or FE. The term Sixth Form is generally applied to schools only (I imagine someone will correct me!)
    First of all congratulations on your job! You got one now you need to shine.
    Ensure that during your time at the college you show that you can really progress students on both academically and in a pastoral role. Develop your teaching style and your resources.
    Your ability to show progress and develop students will be your biggest draw on returning to secondary.
    I must ask, if you wanted Secondary why did you apply for a job in FE? One issue that may crop up for some schools will be the question of classroom management.
    Oh, one more thing, your already assuming you won't enjoy FE. You may end up wanting to stay!
    If I were you I would redirect your post to FE - General or Career Clinic.
    All the best.
  3. Hi
    All your friend needs to do is click login then where it says "Forgotten your username or password", enter his email address and a link will be sent to enable him to reset his account.
    Hope this helps.
  4. Use your experience of teaching in 6th form to your advantage when applying for secondary jobs. You have extended your knowledge of the subject, and his will be useful in challenging A* candidates.
    What are the transferable skills you have developed? Must be many,as teaching is teaching at end of the day.
    hope this helps
  5. Dont worry about it. You've secured a job for your first year and that will be goof experience. Think of it this way, if you went for a job with 4 other NQTS youd have a years experience and still not be too expensive! Don't think that you will be immediately written off.
    What I will say to you is make the most of this year - take advantage of all the opportunities open to you and build up a fantastic CV for applying next year.

    BTW: I think FE refers to colleges that offer a wide variety of courses and at all levels for a broad range of ages. 6th form colleged cater especially to students of 6th form age - A-levels, BTEC, diplomas. It is not a term preserved for school based post-16

  6. Apologies for all the spelling errors. Im, errr, really drunk right now [​IMG]

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