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6 weeks of tingling, numbness and tightness in legs and feet

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by johnsonhl1, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. 9 weeks of continuous symptoms now - it's driving me mad! Got MRI results and apparently I do have severe arthritis of the spine! Only 32 so this doesn't sound good to me but my Mam has suffered with her back for years and I do have general aches there so it doesn't come as a complete surprise. However the gp can't say that this is what is causing the tingling and tightness in my legs so I've been referred to a specialist. More waiting.....but at least it's moving in the right direction and I can be thankful it doesn't seem to be anything too sinister
  2. I wonder if the arthritis in your spine is pinching some of the nerves in your legs, causing your symptoms? However, your symptoms do sound very much like some kind of inflammatory / autoimmume condition. I had very similar symptoms a few years back - the pain, tingling, numbness and swelling affected my feet and hands. Can I ask if you have any other symptoms such as dry, gritty eyes and dry mouth?
    I was eventually diagnosed with undifferentiated polyarthralgia, which basically meant some kind of autoimmune arthritis was going on but they couldnt pin it down to a specific condition. Nothing abnormal was showing in my blood tests despite me suffering horrific pain! The symptoms eventually subsided.
  3. I thought there must be something in my back pinching a nerve but gp didn't say so. Got an appointment with a musculoskeletal consultant on 28th December so hopefully will get some answers then. I haven't had any of the other symptoms you've described above although in the past couple of days my right eye does seem to have blurred vision......not sure if this could be linked.
  4. I do hope you get some answers soon. It is horrible when you don't know what is causing your symptoms.
  5. Thanks Mrs Mo :) my eye hasn't got any better so I went to the eye infirmary where they diagnosed optic neuritis. I am now being sent for an urgent brain MRI to see if the symptoms are linked. Trying not to worry but every time I look for information it brings up MS.
  6. Try not to panic. At least it sounds like the docs are on the case. If its any comfort, my friend's dad developed MS - he has it very mildly and was able to carry on working. What you read on the Internet are usually more extreme cases.

    Also, I have had symptoms that were classic signs of certain illnesses, which actually turned out to be something else entirely. There are many, many illnesses that mimic things like MS, RA etc. Just try not to diagnose yourself; leave it to the professionals. Easier said than done, I know!

    Hope everything goes well with your MRI scan.
  7. I had something similar and was worried that it was thrombosis to do with the pill etc andwhen I went to drs he did blood test and found out later that I had vitamin B12 deficiency which causes pernicious amenia and that's what was giving me the tingling/mild numbness. Diet wouldn't fix it as my stomach is missing an enzyme to actually absorb B12 from food so I need it injected once every few months. Not a big deal but I was glad I got it checked out - good luck
  8. Update: my "urgent" Brain MRI is on 18th January! I was so hoping for some answers before Christmas or at least New Year but guess my wait will have to go on. Can't drive at the moment with not being able to see in one eye so feeling a bit trapped. Also now desperate to get diagnosis/treatment so I can get back to work!

    Mrs Mo....thanks for your kind words. I have stopped self diagnosing.

    Tangit....I was tested for B12 which was normal.

    Hope you are both well. I will keep the thread updated if I get any news.
  9. Good luck, keep on at your doctor - ask if there is any chance that you could get pencilled in for a cancellation if there is one in the meantime. If your symptoms get any worse then get straight back to them - get someone to take you to A&E if necessary.
    My sister has MS and the optical neuritis was the first major sign - if it is MS then the demyllineation won't become significantly worse over the space of a month. Her eyesight did recover fairly quickly (over a few weeks) and this seems to be the experience of most people I know that have experienced it. There are some good treatments for MS now and a lot of people do have long periods of remission from it and they are making a lot of headway with newer treatments including ones that are offering a partial cure. They have been having some success in Canada with a treatment that involves vitamin D and some other fairly common mineral supplement. It may be worth checking with your doctor if trying vitamin D supplements would help a bit. I don't think they could hurt but it is always best to check, especially if you are on other medication.
    I hope that talking about MS doesn't worry you any more than you already are but my sister is managing to keep up with her karate training and is hoping to be able to go for her 2nd dan sometime soon, so it is possible to have a full life. If you need to in the future I can get some more information from her about the treatment and support she has been able to access, although obviously I don't want to burden you with information that you hopefully won't need.
    Good luck, try to relax over Christmas and the New Year and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  10. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    I would echo everything emilyisobel has said. But just a word of caution - you may still not get a definite diagnosis after an MRI scan. The doctors will probably want to see the results of a lumbar puncture too. Just so you know, like ....
  11. Thank you so much emilyisobel and also harsh but fair.

    My gp did manage to sort an earlier MRI which I had on Wednesday and I have just been to discuss the results tonight. It appears there are abnormal areas including an active plaque towards the front of my brain somewhere (don't think I quite took everything in). Gp says he has no idea what is causing the demyelination (and didn't mention MS) so is referring me to a neurologist as urgently as possible.

    I didn't ask if it could be MS as I have stopped trying to self diagnose and thought I'd try and enjoy Christmas day without that hanging over me. Hopefully the neurologist will have some answers. I'm feeling more positive now that things are moving and my vision sees to be slowly returning too :)

    Thanks to everyone for your support. Have a great Christmas and a healthy new year xxx
  12. Don't worry too much. As a neurosurgeon told me, MS is a clinical diagnosis and in no way predicts whether or not you will become severely disabled. It can be a long wait to get a definitive diagnosis, don't let it get to you and keep pushing the doctors.
    Have a lovely Christmas and New Year and make sure you get plenty of rest. xx
  13. Keep positive. I'm really glad your eyesight has got better. They are working very hard on new treatments so there is hope.
    Take care xx

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