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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by jonascohen, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Tescos are good value.
  2. all_heart

    all_heart New commenter

    Oh no - I've just brought 8 packs of Huggies wipes! They say they are the ones closest to cotton wool and water and thought they would be best for a newborn. I hope they don't rip on me, when she's born I'll be doing my first nappies!

  3. We use Tesco at home (my mum bought loads of Pampers at Costco so we use them when we visit) and find them great - bulkier and stiffer than Pampers but contain explosions much better! We also generally use Tesco wipes, although the Huggies Pure ones are often on offer and are nice too.
  4. I buy a combination of both branded and tesco's. I only buy branded when on offer and have used any brand in the 10 months since having LO. I tried sainsburys nappies and they were the only ones i haven't got on with. Have never tried Asda but a friend really likes them. I have to say i do always use a branded nappy overnight as subconciously i think they are better, but have never tried a tesco's one overnight. I echo what people have said though, sign up for all the baby clubs and bulk buy when their on offer, my husband goes mad sometimes at the amount of stuff we have but i never pay full price for wipes or nappies. On the wipes front again will use anything tahts on offer, own brand or branded. Only thing i did find was that they were all very wet when LO was tiny and always wiped babies bum with tissue after to ensure it was really dry and never really had any trouble with nappy rash.
    Have fun with your LO and changing that first nappy, it was my first nappy ever in hospital too and was V funny as i has no idea what i was doing.

  5. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    I found Pampers were best for the first few months, as newborn poo is quite runny (sorry) and explosions often happen- out of the sides, back, front, everywhere! I didn't like Huggies at this stage, they just didn't seem to fit my daughter very well. Once you start weaning, especially after 6 months when they eat more, the poo is more easily contained and to be honest any nappies will do for daytime. I still use Pampers Baby Dry for night time as my LO is often in her cot for over 12 hours at night so she needs a decent nappy then. Tesco are quite cheap and like Pampers, eg soft and comfy. I have been lucky that my LO is tiny so we have been given quite a few packs of nappies from her bigger friends who have outgrown nappies, so we've tried a few. Own brand nappies are not always cheaper though- last time I looked in Tesco, Pampers Simply Dry (brilliant nappies) were 12p a nappy and Tescos own were 14p or something similar.
  6. Honestly I love huggies wipes and always get them when they are on offer. Nice and big and only tear occasionally when you pull one out. You'll be fine!
  7. Hi All Heart, best of luck for the upcoming days and weeks! Would you be interested in using washable nappies? There is another thread all about this. You could use disposables until they are 10lbs then start the washables. They can last until they are toilet trained so you would save lots of money this way.
    The Nappy Lady is amazing and will give you (free!) tailored advice if you complete her brief questionnaire online. There is no obligation so it might be worth filling it in, stocking up on newborn disposables then think about changing over.
  8. I usually use Pampers - mixed with reusables, I like Pampers better than Huggies and always stock up in the Baby event- I try so hard to get everything on offer- paying fill price for nappies is just not on. :) So, stock up now.
    My daughter was far too small for Pampers size one so we had to use Micro nappies- so tiny! So worth getting a pack? We had a huge pack of Huggies which were tolerable but felt cardboardy.
    I have worked my way through a pack of Just 4 Bums which were on offer on Kiddicare and I really liked these too and might be back for more, as long as they are cheap.
  9. I have stuck to pampers active fit after experimenting with other brands. I liked tesco best out of them but afte size 2 they never seemed to fit lo's bum - he must be oddly shaped! I bouight the lidl own brand after dad read they were recommended by mumsnet and the first time i put one on it leaked pee everywhere at night - not impressed. I htink you maybe need to just change them more often.
    I was abit of a tart with wipes too - I like huggies at the moment.
    Keep an eye out and stock up when offers are on - you end up begrudging paying full price for anything!
  10. all_heart

    all_heart New commenter

    Thanks for all your replies -like I said I have some huggies wipes and have also got some pampers size 1, just so there are nappies in my hospital bag. I guess I need to meet her now and go with the flow at what suits her. It depends who she takes after to what nappies fit - I have a huge bottom, OH has no bottom!
    Also thinking about it I buy branded 'always' ST's for my monthlies, so if I buy a good make for me why should I not for LO.

  11. Definitely trial and error- we found Pampers were RUBBISH for containing explosions, and have used Huggies Super Dry for months and months now! I also love the Huggies wipes as although they can tear occasionally, they are super thick and absorbent and to me that is worth the occasional ripped one (OH hates them though for that reason- but I change more nappies, so tough! ;-))
  12. Oh- we also didn't like Tesco or Boots own because they were so stiff- the pampers were much softer. You will work your way steadily throuhg a few different types and you'll probably find that as your baby grows and changes, their needs will to and thus the nappy that suits them.
  13. reddevil

    reddevil New commenter

    Like others have said we used Pampers (but not the Simply Dry ones, they didn't 'work' on our LO!) but only bought them when they were on offer. Only ever used Asda / Tesco / Sainsbo's wipes, I found the Pampers/ Huggies/Johnson's ones too thick and stiff.
  14. I hate pampers simply dry the texture of them sets my teeth on edge plus they gave my daughter nappy rash. Sainsburys value wipes 19p a pack good bargain but they seem to have stopped selling them in my local one. Never tried Huggies but all the others I've ever tried including supermarket own brands and boots (I think the own brands are all identical in different packaging) and Pampers active/baby dry have been fine!
  15. I use Aldi nappies they are lovely quality and reasonably priced. Johnsons wipes are my favourite tho I havent tried many makes to compare them too.
  16. nmason

    nmason New commenter

    Another Tesco user here and Pampers babydry at night. I use Pampers sensitive wipes, but only used cotton wool and water for first 5 months (unless out) as LO has quite sensitive skin like his dads. LO is 14 months now.
  17. For the first two children, I used Pampers all the way through. An awkward situation and a Sainsbury's nappy later, I was a convert and have never looked back.
    I would still use Pampers for the first month at least, since they are nice and thin, with the elastic sides (perfect for keeping in runny stickier than glue-poo), and seem really comfortable for a tiny baby.
    I used to feel embarrassed so I carried pampers in my going-out bag, but now, after my 3rd child and with a saving of nearly £1000 (yes I did), I tell co-shoppers about my discovery and no longer carry Pampers as a decoy.
    In my experience, the Asda ones are extremely smelly. The Tesco and Sainsbury's ones are great, with Sainsbury's often putting deals on.
    Both my youngest children wear them through the night and only on the odd occasion has the nappy been more full for comfort.
    My kids are, however, Johnson's babies but even if Johnson's came out with nappies, I wouldn't buy them now.
    As for Wipes,Johnson's wipes is all I've ever used, and they dothem on deals all over the place for £1 or less per pack. Asda do them for 12 packs for £11 or so.
    Take the best care and don't forget breathing when you're having the baby. All the way in, all the way out-nice and calm, and think of something amazing (maybe all the money you've saved[​IMG])
  18. The freebies in the Bounty pack are a good way to try out some of the products you've seen on the shelves.

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