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5 year olds...

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by rayefaye, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    Despite being early years trained, I have been out of the reception class for a few years now & am looking for some advice re- behaviour. I have a new child in my class - the child is completely unable to sit down on the carpet for any longer than say 30 secs before he's off wandering/running. I have no TA time, so this makes for a very disruptive environment. In my heart, I know he's totally not ready for sitting down and 'learning' but I'm just not sure how long to allow him to wander for (sets a strange boundary for the other kids too - if he's allowed to do as he pleases)? I just don't quite know what to do with him to help him access school. Any advice/strategies I could employ? Bearing in mind, it's just me and the kids - no extra help.

  2. Hi rayefaye,

    I had reception last year and there were a couple of children that took a while to get used to carpet time. I found that having the child stood next to me or sat on my knee with a gentle arm around kept them on the mat and a bit more focussed on what the rest of us were doing, the other children didn't seem affected by this. Also carpet spots worked, especially for the rollers! I used old carpet squares but I'm sure you could be inventive with whatever's lying around and explained that bums had to stay on their spot whilst we were all sat together. This wasn't a planned intervention but I did notice that when we sat in a circle with me on the floor with them, everybody sat better on the carpet. Just a few ideas to try as Im assuming carpet time is short and sweet and it's not a case of being bored and losing interest.

    Good luck x
  3. For sure! Thank you very much - some things to bear in mind. I;m sure it'll all fall into place! Just a few first day nerves too!

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