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5 Year old constantly leaving the classroom

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Vikki27, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Hi

    I have a girl with BESD in my class. Her behaviour has been up and down since the start of term, but her new 'game' is to leave the classroom and make someone go to find her. The doors in our school can be opened by the children and she has been known to go into other classrooms so my TA has to go after her. An added problem is that she can do a 'loop' out of one door - around some corridors and up and down some steps and come back in another door. We've had to catch her and restrain her a couple of times now to get her back to class but I'm worried that she's enjoying the 'game' and it won't stop her. She runs out laughing and comes back through the classroom laughing with my TA following - in the loop!!!

    Any ideas what we could do about it? She is on a behaviour plan and chart but they are doing little to help her behaviour. Parents have been spoken to etc.


  2. Dragonlady30

    Dragonlady30 Star commenter

    What is the next step on her her behaviour plan? Is It appropriate to go to that step?

    Could the TA just observe her when she goes out to ensure she is safe rather than play chase? If the girl is not getting her game, maybe she'll learn to stay in the room.
  3. The next step on her behaviour plan is just that if she doesn't follow instructions for that 20 minute block she doesn't get a tick on that part of the chart so doesn't get that minute of reward time!!! She doesn't really care as it's only a minute and she would prefer to play chase rather than a minute of reward time!! That's the only sanction we've got! We might call someone to restrain her if she keeps running around school but I hate using that!!

    The problem is with watching her is there are lots of corners and steps and corridors so the TA has to stay pretty close to her to see her - therefore it feels to the girl like it's a game of catch!! She's been slightly better since I posted this to be honest - but it depends on her mood. She still just wanders off and we have to bribe her back. She's not meant to have 1:1 but my TA is pretty much 1:1 with her at the mo meaning all my other kids are missing out.
  4. Elsasupport

    Elsasupport New commenter

    We had a child like this and we moved the handle to the top of the door. Worked perfectly. An adult had to open the door to allow children to leave the classroom.

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