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5 simple business games by CRAC

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by djphillips1408, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. Google it and the game and worksheets come up as a link :)
  2. I know you've had a number of requests for this and have searched lots of Google suggested sites but it's out of print and I can't find a copy anywhere. Any chance you'd be kind enough to forward a copy? Would be much appreciated, cheers.
  3. I've been looking for these for years. I know your post is from some time ago but if you could send me a photocopy of them I'd be really grateful. Thank you. wsweet@wellswayschool.com
  4. Hi Yvonne - did you get a copy and if so, could you forward to me? Thank you. wsweet@wellswayschool.com
  5. SimonNorth

    SimonNorth New commenter

    It seems these resources are good, I would like to have a look.

    please email me

  6. Hi, could you send these CRAC resources to me as well please. Many thanks for your kindness.

    Email: kirtipatel86@hotmail.com
  7. kesie

    kesie New commenter

    Yet another request! I have already tried the other routes, without any success. Thank you.

    Email: inghamwarrick@hotmail.com
  8. Hi Kesie

    were you able to get hold of these? I have looked at the other threads but not sure if people are still responding on the older ones. I would appreciate a copy of DART if you have it? Many thanks.

    Email: angie_heron@hotmail.com
  9. Hi Staffam I wonder if you could be so kind to send me a copy also, I'm just getting back into teaching Business Studies after many years and these sound ideal,

    many thanks in advance.

    kind regards Mark

    kneslmark at gmail dot com kneslmark@gmail.com
  10. Hi is it possible to get a copy of all the games and resources? I would be so grateful.

    Lexi. BTEC Business Teacher.

  11. vegaslas

    vegaslas New commenter

    I have them so if anyone would like them email rhayer@gmail.com
  12. johnblack

    johnblack New commenter

    Are these a copyrighted resource?
  13. fgoolsby

    fgoolsby New commenter

    Hi, could you send these CRAC resources to me as well please. It would be much appreciated.
  14. breid

    breid New commenter

  15. emyjbraun

    emyjbraun New commenter

    Could you please send CRAC resources on my email (emyjbraun@gmail.com) as well? Many thanks to you in advance. :)
  16. LisHall

    LisHall New commenter

    Hi Just stumbled on this thread. I remember being there down in Lymington when these resources were developed! so many years ago and I too have lost the copies of these "games". Could I please have a copy of the CRAC resources? Thanks.
  17. jillykelly

    jillykelly New commenter

    I've been searching for these too... would be great to get a copy... you can't beat the old stuff
  18. Matt_phillips8

    Matt_phillips8 New commenter

  19. MDuffy21

    MDuffy21 New commenter

    I appreciate that you may be fed up of these requests but I hoping you would send me a copy of the full set as I start teaching business in Sept and these sound ideal
  20. niwlog

    niwlog New commenter

    Like the previous comment, is their any chance of getting a copy?

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