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5 most important things to you in your classroom

Discussion in 'Primary' started by perfectpiglet, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. west midlands, 7-11
    My wheelie chair
    my "nawty" stick and puppet
    the "loser" corner
  2. sueemc

    sueemc New commenter

    1. pupils
    2.iwb connected to broadband + my computer
    3. digital mic/camera
    4.cds + player (or on iwb) music is soooo important
    5. clear space

    birmingham, primary
  3. Thank you for all of your replies, really appreciate it
  4. Please tell me you do really have a loser corner?! :)
    My other half's approach to teaching is similar: Chloroform for when they are moving when they shouldn't, Cattle-*** for when they're not moving when they should! (I hasten to add that he is not a teacher!)

  5. Loser corner yes...because chn need to be aware that in life there is often a winner and a loser...losing must be accepted and dealt with. Not everyone is going to be a winner in life. Only by losing can you improve
  6. mhg


    age; keystage 3 & 4
    area; town
  7. OK, I'm a student teacher going into first primary placement in February...what's a CP area?
  8. Don;t know about 5 but I bought a staple gun in 1970 when I started teaching and kept it through thick and thin until retirement in 2009 - is this a record?
  9. I teach a P5/6 class in a town near Loch Lomond.
    1) Smartboard
    2) Laptop
    3) good supply of resources -paper, pens, pencils etc.
    4) Good internet connection
    5) plenty of space
  10. I teach a P5/6 class in a town near Loch Lomond.
    1) Smartboard
    2) Laptop
    3) good supply of resources -paper, pens, pencils etc.
    4) Good internet connection
    5) digital camera
  11. CP - Continuous Provision - all the areas you would find in a Foundation Stage classroom e.g. small world, role play, art, writing....areas. Often these areas are carried through into Y1 and Y2 now.
  12. I teach in a town, Y3 my essentials would be
    Interactive whiteboard
    Cutter and laminator
    My desk
    Endless supply of paper!

  13. The most important thing in my art room is the drying rack in which the students put their wet art works. Without it my room would be cluttered after one lesson with sheets covered with wet paint.
    (I teach art at a secondary school in The Netherlands)
  14. Hi! I teach primary school in Italy. Each class has two teachers, who share all responsibilities. Though I have a degree in maths, I teach the language group of subjects because none in the whole school could speak English as well as I do, plus music because I've got a conservatory degree. Thus I teach: Italian (Literacy), English (EFL), History, Visual Arts, and music. We both teach ICT and personal growth subjects together, splitting the 28 kids class in two. We also follow our students throughout their primary years, starting in Y1 (6-7 year olds) and saying goodbye at the end of Y5(10-11).
    Our school is in a small suburban area. Our children come from a very diverse social backgrounds.

    1) adequate space. Classrooms in Italy are small and cramped. I wish I could have a bigger room, with space for moving around, dance, or just have a circle time.

    2) good quality, working equipment. I teach music and English. I bought my own CD player, because the school's one did not work properly. Only students who sat on the front row could hear it. Besides I had to share it with two other classes.

    3) personal space which should not be accessible to students.

    4) private area on the school grounds. I'd like it to be accessible from my classroom directly, but we're on the third story, so...

    5) a classroom that's ours permanently. Now we have to change almost every year, moving all of our supplies around.

    6) lots of posting space.
  15. 1 Learners - experience/s, prior knowledge, viewpoints and shortcuts.
    2 Clean, tidy room with space for learners to move around and store own work
    3 Display of learners' work
    4 Whiteboard large enough for developing solutions to problems in both English and maths.
    5 ICT equipment incl IWB, PC's, printer;to print learners' own/appropriate worksheets/practice tests
    I teach maths and English on a roll on/roll off basis t adults
  16. I teach special needs in a town in N.Ireland
    1. Classroom Assistant
    2. Computer and interactive whiteboard
    3 .Digital Camera
    4.Spacious room for movement
    5 . Wide range of exciting colourful motivating books
  17. I work in a secondary international school
    5 most important things are
    1`good lighting and the facility to block out light for projector use
    2 comfortable temperature (the air conditioning is a frequent cause for lack of focus either because it's too hot or too cold)
    3 relevant displays - the kids really take notice of these and you can use them for reference. i was surprised and delighted to find kids had actually read them even without me drawing attention to them. of course, they love to see themselves up there too, so incorporating pictures of them and displaying their work keeps the interest up
    4 convenient and effective layout so you can see them and what they're up to even under the table, and you can get round to look at their work. it's also important to position additional equipment, like keyboards, where they're not going to be in the way but are easy to work at.
    5 shelving and cupboard spaces to keep lesson planners, frequently needed resources and record books etc close to hand.
  18. Hi, perfectpiglet. I work in a Year 3/4 class in a suburb of a large city in New Zealand. Apart from a blackboard (chalkboard) which I had to sadly forgo for a whiteboard (non-interactive) when the classrooms in our block were upgraded last Christmas, these are my 5 most important items for my classroom in no particular order:
    • enough working up-to-date-connected-to-the-internet computers for the children to work in pairs (I now have 6 extenda boxes which are fantabulous, and 3 PCs, which are in need of replacing but still not enough for 28 children)
    • plenty of storage cupboards, including an art supplies cupboard that locks (stops children helping themselves, and wasteful relief teachers who don't appreciate that art supplies are usually purchased with particular projects in mind!)
    • decent furniture as in desks, chairs, book cases, other work areas (which I am lucky enough to have)
    • carpeted floor except for a small 'wet area' for painting, etc. (again lucky enoough to have this)
    • sink with hot and cold water (don't have this - was not considered necessary)
    Another thing that is important to me is to have lots of windows and a decent outlook, not always possible but a real delight when it is as is an efficient heating system!
    A piano and a decent sound system are luxuries I would like! [​IMG]
  19. Hi, I think the most important thing in the classroom is me (the teacher). Moreover classrooms never feel right with a different teacher in someone else's class. The learning environment is directly related to the personality of the teacher and how they respond to the dynamics of the class. Yes its good to have a good desk layout and colourful displays, perhaps even the opportunity of a projector, but I feel that it is the teacher's behaviour that really creates the learning environment. This includes their classroom and behaviour management, with a key focus on building motivation and pride in the students' work.

    I'm a trainee teacher in a Cumbrian school in Carlisle working with 11-16 year olds.
  20. Hi, the 5 most important things in my year 1 classroom in a mid-sized town are:
    1 Interactive whiteboard.
    2 Visualiser.
    3 Carpet space for sitting as a class.
    4 Organised, accessible and labelled resources.
    5 Photocopier (near the classroom, hope this counts!).
    I hope that the first week back isn't hitting everyone too hard!

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