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5 most important things to you in your classroom

Discussion in 'Primary' started by perfectpiglet, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. Would love to collect some ideas as to what different people think are important in their classroom. If you have 5 mins would appreciate it (needed for some work im doing in school about learning environments).
    Please could you say where you teach (city, town, village etc or outside the UK) and which age range
    Thanks for your time
  2. Would love to collect some ideas as to what different people think are important in their classroom. If you have 5 mins would appreciate it (needed for some work im doing in school about learning environments).
    Please could you say where you teach (city, town, village etc or outside the UK) and which age range
    Thanks for your time
  3. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    Not sure if this is what you mean, but...
    <ol>[*]Whiteboard (not the Interactive one!)[*]My space (currently just my desk)[*]A guillotine[*]Interactive Whiteboard[*]Moveable furniture</ol>I teach KS3 in a middle school in a town.
  4. I'm in Year 1 in a town in the UK. In terms of the working environment (rather than specific learning resources) the following are important to me...
    <ol>[*]Interactive whiteboard.[*]Whiteboard.[*]Teacher's cupboard.[*]Big display boards.[*]Comfortable teacher's chair.[*]Lots of storage.[*]Wet area.[*]Sink with hot and cold water.[*]Clean, bright paintwork.[*]Outside area (accessible from classroom).</ol>Not sure if this is exactly what you mean, but hope it helps! [​IMG]
  5. Leeds suburbs, Year 1 in a 1 form entry primary... Kids and my TA would obviously be my number 1 but if that's not what you meant then... 1) Storage/resources - everything needs to be organised, relevant, USED (I am constantly giving away stuff if I haven't used it for a year!) and accessible. 2) Smartboard/Computer - because it's so interactive and the children love using it. 3) Display - Bright, attractive and should either be a celebration of work or a resource that's used in teaching or to support the children when working independently. 4) Areas of provision - to provide continuity from Reception and to help structure the creative curriculum. 5) Space - not essential but I have a lovely big classroom and it makes it so much easier. (Sorry no paragraphs - Google Chrome)
  6. Whoops...just reread your message that said 5 things sorry!!
  7. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Kids and a good TA for me too.
    Other than that, in no particular order:
    1. Organised, tidy storage and plenty of it.
    2. An area that is carpetted for sitting on as a group.
    3. Plenty of chairs and tables to enable flexible seating.
    4. A mix of children's work and learning aids on good quality display.
    5. A working computer and IWB and a normal, decent size, old fashioned whiteboard.
    I teach year 5 and will be starting at a large inner city (small nice city though) school in January.
  8. I teach Year 1 in a town in the UK.
    1. My desk and comfy chair
    2. A good projector so the children can see things clearly on IWB
    3. A good computer for the children to have access to.
    4. A large cupboard to store resources in
    5. Good storage and work space where the children are comfortble and have easy access to all they need.
    Currently I hardly have any of those and I feel the class does suffer. Our room looks like a secondary school - it is small and not inviting, no matter how I try to jazz it up - although if anyone has any more ideas on how to do this I would love to hear them! The paint is coming off teh walls, the projector doesn't work properly, the toilets are very old fashioned and freezing cold, the desks are old and falling over and the computer is in a small side room which my children hardly ever get to use.
  9. Currently teaching Year 5 in a large school in a small villiage just outside a big city. Though most of my previous teaching, and therefore most of these ideas, come from teaching in Canada.
    1. Space - for arranging everything in your classroom in a manner that works
    2. IWB or tablet computer hooked to projector (though you don't see many of the latter here!)
    3. Storage, so both teacher and students have their own space
    4. Bulletin boards
    5. Good teacher resources (plans, schemes of work, books, etc) that make teaching just that little bit easier.
  10. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    Year 1 teacher in town center school in area full of socio-economic problems!!
    1. Space - for the children to move around comfortably and also to spread out when they are playing. Also space to set up CP areas.
    2. Access to outdoors from classroom (I don't have this, as my class is on a 2nd floor but it is what I would love!)
    3. A chill out corner for the children to use when needed
    4. appropriate furmiture (not too much though) at child height that can be moved around to create cp areas
    5. sufficient storage so the classroom remains clutter free. The only things I want out in view are resources related to the current topic - all other clutter is stashed away somewhere!!

  11. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    1 Space
    2 white board (not necassarily IWB - nice but not essential)
    3 books
    4 storage
    5 flexibility

  12. comenius

    comenius New commenter

  13. For me
    1) my desk ( I have lots of "bits and pieces")
    2) my notice board ( to stick up all those essential dates, notes and reminders)
    3) a large cupboard with lots of shelves and boxes
    4) a large classroom, with plenty of space to allow group activities so the children aren't tied to their desks
    5) light ( I hate dark classrooms)
    For the children
    1) IWB
    2) a settee for curling up on in the book corner
    3) enough laptops and computers for everyone to work individually
    4) plenty of resources, no one ever says we haven't any paper/paints/fabrics etc, whatever they need we can (within reason) get for them
    5) books, variety, range, levels of difficulty, topic related ones and ones just for interest.

    I work in yr5/6 in a small rural village school
  14. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

  15. I will describe the 5 most important things I would have in my ideal classroom as I don't have them all at the moment:
    1. Enough space for the number of desks needed plus a few spares to fit so all children can see the board and I can move around, plus extra for a book corner and table top displays
    2. Storage - built in cupboards, preferably in a separate area but linked to the classroom (not around the outside where they are blocked by furniture), as well as moveable storage that can be used to split the classroom and enough bookshelves
    3. A sink area with paper towels and soap and a large surface next to it as well as a draining board and space for a bin next to it
    4. A large whiteboard fixed to the wall, preferably in the middle of the wall not squashed in a corner
    5. A projector of some kind, preferably with a working Smartboard (NOT Promethean), but if not a projector that projects a laptop screen onto an ordinary whiteboard.
    (would also like a carpet area but not essential as Year 4)
    I work in a village school in the UK.

  16. flickaz

    flickaz New commenter

    I teach year 5 and 6 in a small inner city school in Birmingham.
    1. Space ie the ability to move tables around, change groupings, be able to move around the room without bumping into things
    2. Computer and IWB (if no IWB then at least a projector and screen)
    3. Normal white board (at least 2, I like to leave things from the intro up for the kids to refer to)
    4. Display boards (I'm a big fan of working walls and normally have flip chart paper stuck all over the place, no flat surface in my room can escape..before the holidays I had working windows too!)
    5.Storage for both me and the kids (ideally a nice big cupboard I can chuck things in and sort out later)
  17. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I teach Year 4 in London.
    In no particular order...
    1. Display boards because I enjoy having their work up
    2. Book corner because I love reading and want all the kids to love it too. Not enough bookshelf space, though!
    3. Space to have them sitting on the carpet and have tables arranged so there's minimum shuffling. I currently don't have enough. :(
    4. Carpet area which is great for sitting on a low chair and really interacting with the kids.
    5. My desk which the kids know they can't touch without permission, that I have the class puppet Horace on and other kooky bits that the kids love seeing.
  18. tafkam (post 2)
    What's the guillotine for?
  19. I use mine for cutting paper, perhaps Tafkam has a tougher class [​IMG]
  20. 1) a working computer with access to the<u> internet</u> and a printer (much more of a luxury than it sounds!)
    2) plenty of pencils/pens/whiteboards/etc for the children to use
    3) brightly coloured displays, ideally rainbow colours (as much for me as for the children - keeps me happy)
    4) guillotine (for paper, not children's heads)
    5) chocolate hidden in a drawer
    Year 5/6, urban/city school

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