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5 dinner party guests

Discussion in 'Personal' started by outstandingwinger, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Must be at least six months since this was done...
    Cmon - the people you would like at a dinner party and why
    Dennis Potter - would be fascinating to hear from the most influential man in all of telly
    Albert Einstein - tell me about the euphoria when you discovered a truth of nature
    Edvard Munch - how is your brain wired to be able to express such emotion
    Morrissey - Shoplifters of the world unite
    Irvine Welsh - Greatest living British author

    Sorry no girls
  2. Nothing personal but none of yours.
    Michael Gove. Whoever Wilshaw. David cameron. The man who lives over the road from my parents. The parent of the seven damaged beyond economic repair kids who are in/have left/are coming thru our school.
    There's a tiny chance that one of the ingredients was harboring botulism.
  3. Mick Taylor because he is my favourite musician, my husband's Mum (she died 10 years ago) - so I could meet her and tell her about mini Roken, Rowan Atkinson because he is one of my favourite actors, Philip Larkin because I love his poetry and Ami from Miami Ink to add to my tattoos.
  4. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    Alexander McCall Smith - he creates such interesting and heart-warming characters that he should be fun to have around.
    Louis de Bernieres - same reason. Very different characters but still fascinating and heart-warming.
    Jack Savoretti - I love his lyrics and his voice.
    Morgan Freeman - I don't care what he has to say but I could listen to his voice forever.
    Mr BS - because I love him and I'd want him to share the experience too.
  5. My dog, always good to have around
    Ronnie Corbett - just adore him
    Alan Rickman - meltingly gorgeous voice
    Bob Geldof - mmmmmm yum
    Miriam Margoyles - she just seems like she'd be a hoot
  6. Love your choices! I do love Mr Rickman
  7. Sorry forgot Joni Mitchell - to utterly hypnotise all the blokes with her beautiful, intelligent, artistic worldliness. Unbelieveably attractive femininity
  8. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    Wouldn't the other 4 guests get in the way? Just gimme Rickman [​IMG]
  9. Sandy Toksvig - witty and entertaining and seems like a nice woman.
    Noel Coward - witty and entertaining without the niceness...
    Tyra Banks - the woman's off her rocker but would be quite a lively addition..
    Francesco da Mosto - what can I say - I love him. He's so charming.
    Andrew Graham Dixon - love hearing him talk about art.

  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Tony Benn
    George Clooney
    James Taylor
    Leonard Cohen
    Billy Bragg
    If conversation dried up the guitars could come out...

  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    hmmmm maybe I'd replace Billy Bragg with Reginald D Hunter.
    Or a different line up altogether:
    Miranda Hart
    Ross Noble
    Sarah Milliken
    Billy Connolly
  12. Oi ... coffeekid......Francesco is coming to my dinner party not yours!
    Meryl Streep - my massive girl crush
    Siegfried Sassoon - fascinating man ( yes, I know he's dead but this is fantasy)
    Nathaniel Parker - those cheekbones!
    Joanna Lumley - for obvious reasons
  13. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    Dinner Party One:
    Mark Harmon
    Richard Dean Anderson
    Gabriel Macht
    David Hewlett
    Philip Glenister
    Dinner Party Two:
    Omi's Mum
    Omi's Oma
    Omis's Oma's Mum
    (I think it'd be great to get so many generations of the family together!)

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