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5 days short of a term of induction!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by merturtle, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. merturtle

    merturtle New commenter

    I recently posted for advice on a term's supply work, which the school had agreed to register towards induction, but which had come up at very short notice. They keep changing their minds about which days of the week and the number of days they require (I have a permanent part time post as a peripatetic teacher); I have done my best to accommodate them as I know I won't get another induction post before September.
    All was finally agreed today, for me to start next week, but the school has now said I can't do induction as I will be starting in week 3 of the term (will only be week 2 according to my LEA< but this school is over the border and they started back a week before we did). I taught one day in the first week of their term, but couldn't do anymore due to no childcare while my kids were off school. I was ready to go in this week but they didn't get organised. The contract would be a 0.6, 3 days per week, so I have missed just 5 days across the first two weeks of term.
    The school has said it is too late in the term for me to start induction. I know the start date of induction can't be backdated, and it's true I will be starting in week 3, so is it the case that this term now can't be registered? It seems so unfair when it is not my fault, and an employed NQT could easily miss 5 days for sickness across a term and presumably still pass.
    I am even wondering if the school have delayed my start date on purpose and never intended to support my induction! The agency is not interested (apart from trying to tempt me with more money) and have said it's very unusual for a school to support induction for a supply teacher (which I don't believe is true)
  2. Your contract is not long enough to complete an NQT term before summer as you are only part time. It takes longer to complete a part time NQT term than it would to do it full time, as it is the number of days that count, rather than then 'term'. For example if you had a 0.5 post it would take you two school terms to complete only one of your NQT terms as you are only doing half the hours.

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