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5 applications rejected in a row..feeling useless.

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by shellsb, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. htaylor16

    htaylor16 New commenter

    I have been applying since March, everyone rejected including TA work and office admin. I’d hate to think how many I’ve applied for, double figures though. However I interviewed just before half term and was offered the job. I’m glad it took this long though as the school seems such a perfect fit for me.

    I’m a great believer in fate, the right one will come along for you, you just have keep trying.
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  2. haharr

    haharr New commenter

    What is frustrating is why you are expected to explain why you applied for a particular school etc when the job is essentially the same across all schools if you are a subject specialist. It is irrelevant as to why you want to work somewhere - if you need a job and are qualified, and meet the criteria for the role then you can clearly do the job required. Again, this is just small minded ego posturing and the system can ill afford it. The crazy thing is that gaps are being filled with supply teachers on short term contracts that could be filled with permanent roles but money issues and egomania is getting in the way - an obsession with getting the "right" person (i.e. the person best at telling people what they want to hear in interviews). There is also the indefinable - will you a correct "fit" for the school??!!!?? 1. its irrelevant to the job you would do 2. it's just code for "are you going to be a problem?"
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  3. haharr

    haharr New commenter

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  4. Claudiamalitzki

    Claudiamalitzki New commenter

    I am an NQT and have just had my first rejection of a job application even though I was shortlisted. I am wondering if it was ageism, as I am over 50 and had a different career previously? Does anyone have any experience with this?
  5. FriarLawrence

    FriarLawrence Senior commenter

    I really doubt it. It's perfectly common to only get shortlisted for about 1 in 5 jobs that you apply for, and rejection on the day is as much about unconscious/personal reactions to you than any reflection on your skillset.

    IMO most people on interview panels know if they WANT to hire you pretty quickly on meeting you (i.e. if they instantly warm to you or not), and then really the evidence from the interviews is about confirming or contradicting that initial impression.

    All of which is not to say that your age was a factor here: almost certainly not (unless you're very expensive, which as an NQT is highly unlikely). But it's at least 50% about face-fit and a (largely unconscious) sense of whether or not they think you and the school are a match.

    I say this as someone who has been shortlisted for a lot of jobs in the last couple of years and then not been appointed, and received very little in the way of helpful feedback. Which leads me to believe that if they like you, they like you. If they don't, they don't. And there's nothing you can do about other people's reactions.

    You can "do everything right" and still not get the job. It's no reflection on you. Just a cultural fit thing, as often as not. Keep plugging away - you'll get there! :)
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  6. 10086782

    10086782 New commenter

    If it's any consolation I've had 50+ applications rejected. I simply can't get a foot in the door and, frankly, at a loss to understand why. Well, it may be down to the fact that I'm a 51yo NQT, but I'm certain ageism isn't at play. I've individualised my application form and visited schools, all to no avail. All the students from my cohort gained employment so I know it wasn't the quality of my education that's off-putting. I'm now in the middle of applying for a teaching certificate for NZ, to see if I gain success there. In the meantime, I'll look at all the articles suggested and just keep trying. What else can I do?

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