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40000HKD a month, good salary in Hong Kong?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Sir_Barnaby, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. I'll be interested to hear others' replies; I've just accepted a position offering the same salary (40k/month) with 18.5% gratuity, a ferry pass, medical/detnal & a relocation allowance at the start & end of the contract. I have 5 years experience and no dependents, so it seems fine. Housing is cheaper on Lantau which makes a difference...! And it's a nice place to live (well, I really like it).
  2. mrjack

    mrjack Occasional commenter

    Where have you guys found employment in HK? or where did you see the vacancies I've been trying to get out there for a while but have seen hardly any vacancies. I'm a Phys Ed teacher.

    Thanks in advance
  3. Don't know about tarbaca, but I emailed the schools that really appealed to me directly. I know there has been lots of debate on the forum about doing this, but it's worked for me twice now! In both cases, neither school had any advertised vacancies, so I guess I was lucky with my timing. It might be a bit late in the recruiting season for it now though (I emailed HK schools back in Jan) as most schools seem to have done the bulk of their recruiting already...you never know though!
  4. mrjack

    mrjack Occasional commenter

    I'm impressed. Were the schools in the English Schools Foundation or Independant Schools?
    Did you get the subject area you wanted?
    Thanks and good luck

  5. Independent schools and yup, got my subject area. The package isn't quite as good as ESF - because ESF offer a housing allowance on top of their salary - but the school is perfect, so I don't mind. Good luck to you too!
  6. So tabarca - just out of interest - is your 40k/month inclusive of your housing allowance?
  7. jereni

    jereni New commenter

    I used to live in HK and I've got friends who live on Lantau island. If you're single and don't mind sharing, then HK$40k is ok, but rents in HK, even on Lantau, are high. You could easily spend half your salary on a small flat.

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