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£40 per certificate to be authorised...is this right?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by PussyGalore, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. By the way...is it the norm to pay £40 per certificate to prove your A levels and degree are valid? The sparkly-ones in Dubai insist...that'd run up £120 before I've set foot on the sand! Just a thought!

  2. By the way...is it the norm to pay £40 per certificate to prove your A levels and degree are valid? The sparkly-ones in Dubai insist...that'd run up £120 before I've set foot on the sand! Just a thought!

  3. Yes this is right...and I had to get mine done by 2 different places! :)
  4. Oh my word! We're in the wrong job! Thanks for confirming Cardigan-Lover!
  5. Will check it out...thanks Audii

    Thanks Audii, you're a star!
  7. Your school will pay you back anyway, these are just some things you have to pay for upfront
  8. awww..... lmao not the school PussyGalore is referring to you
  9. Hi everyone
    Is that just for UAE or will it apply to qatar as well?
    I thought you just needed to do that for your PGCE. Is that for Alevel and first degree as well???
  10. can someone working overseas clarify the situation??
  11. How many certificates need to be authenticated? I have been told A-level, degree and PGCE - is that right?

    In addition, where does it get stamped? At the risk of sounding precious, my certificates are meant to last me a lifetime and I don't want the front of them wrecked for one job.

  12. Cannot remember the amount but it seemed like a lot at the time and that was not counting trainfares to London. I had to do A levels, Degree, PGCE and also get a transcript of my degree. (I'm so old the Universities didn't give them out in my day!) Start early the Uni took 6 weeks to the day to get the transcript and I know that cost 20 pounds. They get stamped on the back not the front of degree. Had to go to Solicitor and then to a place in the Mall. Get there early because the Abu Dhabi embassy closes at one. So after the mall, hot foot it to Abu Dhabi embassy. Pay more money. Either return that day (extra charge) or get them sent. Go armed with SAE. Think you could go a week later to pick them up at no extra charge but this was August and I was in a hurry as I had waited so long for degree transcript. I didn't work out what it cost in total but School did not reimburse me at all - no mention of it. Hope this helps.
  13. I had to get my A levels, degree and PGCE done. Luckily my dad knows a solicitor so that bit was free. Then the FCO certify the solicitor exists(quite a lot of cash), then they get attested by the UAE embassy (even more cash) and there were two of us. We had copies done, so the originals are still pristine and our school made it quite clear that we were responsible for the costs for this documentation. To get the childrens' residence permit we've had to have their birth certificates go through the same process...yup, more cash. Hopefully we'll have a new job and won't have to get them actually done as that's down to us as well! Must have spent at least 700 quid so far... Someone somewhere is raking it in!!
  14. towncryer

    towncryer Lead commenter

    This appostiling/attesting etc whatever you like to call it really bugs me.I'm not so sure why we have to do it.After all the solicitors who certify your degrees only certify a copy.Nobody realy checks them I'm sure...the process is just so automatic...you pay your money you get your stamp.It's a lot of money for teachers,particularly if you have to do it each time you start working in a new country.Maybe the process should be called into question...after all,if you are a registered UK teacher it stands to reason that you have A level and a uni degree.Isb't there a way for prospective employers to check registered teachers without us having to fork out loads of money...lets also not forget the cost of accomoodation....those of us who don't live near enough to London to go down there for a day.
  15. Town cryer - I thought that was what the GTC was for? But then, with my cynical hat on it could be argued they are only there to kangeroo court the unfortunate so not sure a 'yes, honest they have teaching qualifications' from them is something they would be happy to do.

    In all fairness I can see a problem if a job abroad is based on A levels etc in a particular subject - my PGCE is ICT, I don't have any other formal quals in it though so can see how they might not be happy with that sort of situation. (not applying to UAE etc countries so no idea of how it works with offers for there).
  16. Hi everyone. I can only tell you about the process for the UAE. I did this last year. 2 weeks after I had my documents attested the price went up! Prices quoted are what I paid.

    You have to get the following done for your A levels, degree and PGCE.

    1. Photocopy these certificates and take the copies and originals to a solicitor. They will stamp and sign the copies to show they are true copies. In case your solicitor isn't the neatest, make sure his address and printed name are somewhere on the document along with his signature. One of my friends had his returned at a later stage at much cost as the name wasn't clear enough!

    2. Take your photocopied and stamped documents, or post them to (make sure you tell them it's for the UAE authorities): The Legalisation Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Old Admiralty Building, Whitehall, London SW1A 2LG. Enclose 19 pounds per document, cheque or postal order with a stamp addressed envelope.

    3. It'll take about a month for these to come through. You then send them to the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates for stamping! UAE Embassy, Consular/Visa Section, 48 Princes Gate, London SW7.
    This costs £20 per document - cheques not accepted! I sent postal orders. Again, send a stamped addressed envelope.

    4. When you finally get these back you'll need to send them by courier to Dubai. I did not want to chance them getting lost in the post. Postal system out here is not great and these things cost a fortune. Unfortunately, DHL charged me about 5o quid!

    Sparkly people do not refund this. They make this clear at the interview.

    Hope this helps - sorry it's long - it's a complicated process!
  17. Oh! I almost forgot! You also need to get this done for your degree transcript too!

    You ask your university for a transcript (a breakdown of the courses you took) and you do all of the above process for those too! Uni charged me a tenner.

    Also my solicitor charged me 5 quid per document.

    Good luck! It's not as bad as it seems. Do it soon and you'll miss the rush and hopefully some stress! :)
  18. I have gone thro this process twice, 10yrs apart, most recently in 2006. First time, I had every certificate attested, stamped, posted, stamped, certified, legalised, stamped, posted.Costly in any currency. Never fully imbursed by school. Second time reckoned that my MA and PGCE would suffice...not a problem and fully reimbursed. Degree and teaching qualification should be enough.Ask school for clarification - hope that helps.

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