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4 year rule for QTS for OTT is coming to an end!!!!!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by krissyd, May 24, 2011.

  1. New plans allow schools to employ overseas teachers more easily
    Date: 23 May 2011
    Schools will find it easier to employ overseas teachers from Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada under plans set out today.

    Despite having undertaken training to achieve equivalent teacher training qualifications, qualified teachers from America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand still have to undertake further training and assessment before they are deemed ready to teach in schools in this country.

    Michael Gove has today announced that the Government intends to make changes so that teachers trained in these countries will be able to teach in our schools automatically. We will consult on how best to achieve this change later in the year. Speaking in Parliament today he said:

    One of the aims of my department is to make sure that the most talented people possible are teaching our children and it is already the case that teachers from the European Economic Area can teach in our schools.

    Today I want to extend that freedom to teachers from the Commonwealth countries such as Canada and New Zealand and Australia and I hope that other Commonwealth countries like South Africa, Jamaica and Singapore can join in due course.

    Research looking at international teaching qualifications shows America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand have teacher training systems that are equivalent to those in the UK. Ministers therefore will be amending the relevant regulations to recognise the qualifications held in these countries. This will allow well-trained teachers from these countries to work in schools as if they held Qualified Teacher Status.

    The school or local authority sponsoring the teacher will have to continue to check the suitability of the teacher including their qualifications and any necessary background checks. In addition they will still have to meet existing immigration criteria set out by the UK Border Agency (UKBA).

    The proposed changes are subject to a statutory consultation and could come into effect from early 2012. Ministers have also commissioned further research to see if the same changes could be applied to teachers from any other countries in future.

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  2. I think Mr Gove needs to look at the induction process for british trained NQT's before changing OTT policy's.

    I don't have any issue with OTT's and I think they can add alot to a school but as it stands at the minute a OTT (even a newly qualifed OTT) can teach on supply for a full 4 years without obtaining QTS. British trained NQT's have only 4 terms on short term supply to complete their induction.

    Don't see how this can be fair.
  3. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    Michael Gove is seriously not in the real world, does he not realise that there are thousands of teachers (according to the ONS it is officially around 50,000, unofficially I suspect it is more) unemployed. Yet he is encouraging schools to recruit from abroad, while our teachers sign on every fortnight. Well I can see why you have been voted a <strike>successful</strike> , sorry a failure as S of S by the teachers in a recent TES poll.
  4. I am Ok with overseas trained teachers as well. However it is their risk if they want to try their luck here. They may find great enthusiasm by schools and agencies to get them in on CS rates. In which case they will be saving their dosh to get on the first plane back.
    However the countries they come from, be they EU/Commonwealth/or wherever, should reciprocate their guidelines and procedures to make it easy for us to bale out of England to replace them in their country of origin.
    On a serious note. It is my opinion that schools are becoming very introverted these days. with gestapo style treatment (papiere bitte) when we supply arrive at their door.
    Just our CRB mess would put anyone from overseas off. Police clearence from their country of origin, they will be ready for retirement by the time it is all sorted!
    So your sitting in you flat in Melbourne bit bored on the old PC , see a teachin ad, fink, lets have some of that!
    Get on the plane without police clearence. HO HO HUM, Ya gonna be waitin around a bit before you can display your talents for the classroom. Maybe Melbourne justice department may take time to say you ain't got any form. However just say you had to many tinnies on board at a beach party one night, got into a bit of aggro with the cops. Got yourself a caution. Well maybe the cops say something or maybe they don't, however positive info on your Crb may put those agencies or schools off!
    It will certainly put the agencies off. Agencies are not overly fussy regarding re-habilitation of offenders. They like clean CRB's
    The overseas trained teachers will need to display the same standards of impeccable perfection with regard to crimes and misdemeaners as us supply!
    P.S. me CRB is clean as a whistle I have no previous 'form'


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