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4 principles of EYFS...how?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by pete72, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. pete72

    pete72 New commenter

    I was going to post something very similar tonight!

    I am an NQT........ We had a visit from our EYA to look at planning. She was great and very constructive about it all. The things that need addressing are similar to what you have asked above. How do people show that they 'cover' the 16 areas in their planning. I feel that our EY policy ( which needs re-writing) should show the ethos of what we are about and long term plans should show where we exactly we cover the 16 areas ( eg parents as Partners) and not just the 6 areas of learning and development.Is this right do you think? All you clever oldies who have seen it all before ...please put me right! I have recently done a sort of 'resources check' and re-written the continuous provision plans too( these have been a big hit with support staff when doing obs). I sort of get it all in my head ( the long term plan that is), but dont seem to be able to get it down right. Has anyone done anything similar lately? All the ones on the resources upload pages( i think) dont seem to show this 16 areas malarky. So I will jump on that bandwagon of emailing and ask if anyone has anything already can I have a sneaky peak? Please? Or any advice at all would be greatly received.

  2. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    The powers that be need to get real.
  3. Hiya

    I am trying to get my head around this too in preparation for Ofsted as well as improving my practice. i have recently been given a checklist for foundation stage which covers the things that they may look for and the continuous provision really hit me being an area lacking development in my classroom.
    Pete72 would you mind sharing your plans at all? I'm more than happy to post this checklist if anyone thinks it would be useful.
    Thank you
  4. pete72

    pete72 New commenter

    Leave your email & of course I'll send them on. In truth I downloaded a lot from the resources bit on this site ( brill thank you) and merged/made up my own to suit our needs. I am still interested if anyone has anything on these 16 areas in their planning.
  5. No don't have planning related to 16 commitments. Had Ofsted last spring and planning was ok.
    I do have A4 sheet with commitments on with bullets points stating how we cover them in our provision - this is blown up to A3 and displayed (same colours as in EYFS).
  6. hey pete72 I've sent you a message with email address in it. Thanks again
  7. Hello pete72
    Please could I request a copy of your planning my email is nandita_261@fsmail.net.
    Many thanks
  8. In my setting we use a six area sheet and take points from the EYFS framework to cover each unique childs age/stage of development.
    You need to observe in order to plan first of all and you said you do carpet time sessions,well to promote the childs needs this may cover all six areas sometimes:
    PSE- showing children books that help them to understand others emotions
    PD-you may put some music on with a story book and the children have to do actions
    CD-Some children at a certain age/stage of development (I think 36-50 months) make up their own story
    PRSN-counting pages,or objects around them
    KUW- talking about animals,countries,the weather etc
    CLL-talking to each other sharing their own experiences
    We plan for children daily though they are on a rota ,every 6 weeks for example but saying that all pre-schools do it to suit their own needs!
    has this helped at all!
    good luck Kat
  9. hi pete72
    i am an NQT in a nursery and would really appreciate a copy of your plans. kayti441@hotmail.com. thanks
  10. Hi Pete72
    Could I also ask you for a copy of your planning and check sheet, it sounds as though you have "got it"!!! I am new to this as well and finding it all a tad confusing and extremely time consuming. Nevertheless thoroughly enjoying myself.

  11. Hi just read ur email any chance you could email a copy of your commitments to give me some ideas from Luka my email is eb.snr@ntlworld.com
  13. This planning problem never seems to go away! I would love to look at yours as I am about to update mine to make it more comprehensive for all staff to use. Thanks
  14. Angela again. Sorry forgot to put my email

  15. Please could you send me a copy as well. I am desperate, with management who don't have a clue and keep wanting us to change everything with no explanation of how.
    Thank you.
  16. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    There are some good continuous provision planning on the durham lea site, sorry dont know the link, which we have stuck around the classroom in each area. As for the rest with the 16 commitments I have to confess I havent a clue what you are talking about. I do a weekly overview of 6 curriculum areas and add extra daily for ch interests. I do medium term plans with LOs taken from DM statements and a suggestion of activities we might do taken from ch ideas. A medium term plan may last a half term or as little as a couple of weeks. I also do a more detailed lesson plan for focus/ teacher directed activities. Most of my formats were taken from the TES resources and went through a sucessful ofsted, but what they want now is an ever moving feat and anyones guess. If you mean ECM statements then I think the Durham continuous prov planning includes this. Is this what you meant by the 16 statements as part of me is worried now and the other part of me thinks to hell with it, I am past caring because it will be wrong anyway. Sorry bad day!

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