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3rd term- head(mentor) wants to observe me each week!!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by emp1982, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Hi
    having had to accept an extension begrudgingly thanks to county council deciding it was best as I have moved to a different school for my final term and to another year group ( did year 2 and year 1 in previous school)
    I have been told by my mentor - the head that she will be observing me once a week!
    This is ridiculous, i have met alot of the standards and cannot deal with the stress of being observed every week

    Can anyone advise as to where I stand on this matter? i am arranging a meeting with the head to discuss this.
    I am not failing, struggling or needed extra support

  2. Can I ask why you were asked to move schools? That does not sound standard practice.
  3. Simply observing is not helpful. Just piling on the stress is not helpful. Heads run their schools, but I cannot see how this will be supporting you in your final term. Although the guidance does not say this cannot happen, you may wish to consult with your union rep about this and how they can help reduce stress on you by negotiating with the Head on this matter.
    My instinct would be to ask the Head how she feels that observinmg every week will be supportive and help you meet the standards. For example will the observations have an agreed focus, which means a pre-obs meeting and will the feedback be formative not summative and will the observation have a full debrief (which could be at least 30 mins for an hour lesson) with written feedback that have formative targets related to the standards? This is an incredible amount of work for the Head and so would, in my estimation be about 3 hours per week which is a lot of time for a Head, I'm surprised she has that amount of free time. But let's be real none of things will really happen will they she will just sit in an probably goive a quick verbal debrief which is very unsatisfactory.
    So if the union rep or LA rep can lay out expectations for observations as above, perhaps the Head will reconsider.
  4. hi :)
    wasn't asked to move schools, I was covering maternity leave at my previous school and then when the contract ended found a new job in my current school.
  5. hi :)
    wasn't asked to move schools, I was covering maternity leave at my previous school and then when the contract ended found a new job in my current school.
  6. hi :)

    I moved schools as my first two terms were maternity cover posts then the lady came back and I found another job at my current school.
  7. oooo laptop went bananas! sorry :(

    Re union Rep - should somebody at the school be a union rep ? Or is this someone I need to contact regional office about?

  8. Contact the regional office and they can direct you or provide help centrally.
  9. thanks, Ive dropped them an email so will see if they get back to me.
    Shall call them if they dont get back within a reasonable amount of time


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