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3rd interview ...... 3rd rejection!!

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by jelly belly, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. As the title says really. My lesson wasn't great, partly due to the suggestion right before i taught that i had been questioning a temp member of staff about the school/class etc. That person was also being interviewed. To say i was gobsmacked is an understatement!! None of it true either, i might add.
    I felt there and then that my chances were nil. So when the unsuccessful call came i can hardly say i was surprised.
    So, onwards and upwards although i dont really feel like it. Confidence rock bottom now.
  2. All schools are different. What feels cold and intractible to you is peaches and cream to somebody else (presumably). You just have to keep going until you find somewhere perfect for you. Once you do, you look back at all the places you applied to out of desperation and thank God you weren't successful! This school sounds horrible. New batch of job adverts coming out on Friday - the last before half-term and the October resignation deadline? So hopefully rich pickings xx
  3. Last batch before the October resignation deadline?
    Does that mean that after that, there won't be any more jobs appearing until Jan/Feb? :(
  4. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Not what you want to hear but after the posts of teachers who resign before the Oct 31st deadline have been advertised, apart from maternity posts or long-term sickness,the next deadline is Feb 28th!

  5. Sport22

    Sport22 New commenter

    You're not alone, had a 3rd interview yesterday, once again got to the final 2. Only for the job to be given internally!! arugh! 3rd rejection, but its starting to annoy me the fact that the HT sings my praises and would love me to work at the school! I cant do anything more to improve! Back to the job hunting..... [​IMG]
  6. I'd be happy with a maternity cover or sickness. The longer i am without a teaching job, the further my confidence in my ability to do the job is plummeting.
    So, i'm not going to think about jobs this coming half term week. Going to chill out and enjoy some quality family time and recharge my old batteries ready for another slog at job hunting.
  7. How exactly did this happen?
  8. slingshotsally

    slingshotsally Star commenter

    I've had 10 interviews for jobs in Britain since April - not one job.
    2 interviews for jobs abroad- I was offered contracts straight away but wasn't able to take the offeres due to family circumstances (ie what to do with the flat as rent wouldn't cover the mortgage and not being able to sell it either)
    Still applying for jobs in Britain but the feedback is a bit lame- good lesson etc.
  9. Just had my 4th rejection, although I can't get the feedback until after the half-term holiday. Just spotted they have <u>just</u> advertised another role at the school, which I am also qualified to at least apply for. Will wait for feedback first.
  10. I know the teacher who was covering the class on supply. We had a brief chat via email regarding what time our interviews were. I mentioned i would be turning up slightly earlier than my allocated time to set up. Next thing i know, as i started setting up, i was asked why had i questioned this person about the class and if i wanted to know anything i should've contacted the school.
    I couldn't believe what i was hearing! At no point had i asked anything and the teacher on supply was the one contacting me. Anyway, teacher on supply denies saying anything and she didnt get the job either. I don't believe she didn't say anything, for the record.
    I just felt so stupid and i knew instantly the job wouldn't be mine. I even offered to print the email out to prove my innocence but it all sounded a bit childish. Put me right off the lesson ob/interview and i dont really blame them for not employing either of us.
  11. How tempted are you to email this cretinous supply teacher again?! At least their tricks backfired on them and they lost out, too. How horrible for you x
  12. I have to confess to acting quite unprofessionally but it made me feel better. After the ob i had 5 mins before the interview and i gave the supply teacher a bit of a quiet mouthful as i went on my way! Couldn't help it. I know this person from my ITT course and had spent 2 torturous weeks on a placement with her early on. I know her style and how she acted has not surprised me. Her plan backfired. [​IMG]
  13. Meh, you're a professional, not a robot. What a ***! x
  14. Keep going, and keep your head up - as an NQT I applied for 18 jobs before I got the job. 3 interviews is nothing.

    Keep plodding on....
  15. That is unfortunate jelly belly. Looks like the supply teacher would do anything to become employed and as other posters have said, it backfired. Yet also on you too, Looks like you unintentionally got involved very early into the politics then with the school, but this scenario I would say is rare.
  16. catherine_ann

    catherine_ann Occasional commenter

    As I have recently posted, it has taken me 19 interviews to secure a teaching post. I have had wonderful feedback and still not been appointed. I know its hard and you have been in an awkward situation, but you need to forget about it and move on. Good luck and don't give up!
  17. I must be close to that if not past it (lost count) but I still haven't managed to get a job.
    However, I'm not giving up!!
  18. I sympathise with you OP. I have just had my 7th rejection and similarly am getting very good feedback about my lessons and interviews. I have got to the final 2 in the last 4 interviews and all schools have said there isn't much to improve - just not quite right for their school. But not quite right for 7 schools? It's getting very frustrating. I know there is a school out there for me and you! Keep smiling - and just think how much valuable interview experience you will have. (p.s. sorry for formatting i'm using Chrome).

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