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3rd degree tear and pregnant again....

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by GemLP, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. GemLP

    GemLP New commenter

    Hi ladies,
    I was wondering if any one has had any experiences with this? I tore so badly with my first I am absolutely terrified of labour this time; I ended up in surgery for the best part of 5 hours and it took nearly 4 months to recover properly.
    Apparently I can talk to a consultant and consider an elective c-section, but having a 18 month old and a new born I am not sure whether this would be the best option due to the recovery time. Plus there is the fact that a c-section can be more traumatic for the baby - or so I have heard.
    What are peoples thoughts? Has any one been through anything similar?
  2. Sorry to hear of your bad experience - I had similar but not quite as bad, still 3rd degree tear with the first.
    Next baby was an elective C section, which was absolutely great, relaxed, no stress, and recovery really wasn't an issue. The baby was fine, far less trauma for all involved. Based on personal experience I would highly recommend a C section. Good luck x
    p.s A high percentage of female obstreticians opt for C sections for their own births (so I read in a recent Guardian articel about birth damage), this makes me think it has something to recommend it!
  3. blueone

    blueone New commenter

    I had an emergency c section with my first and to be honest the recovery wasnt that bad. I was in pain/had difficulty walking for about 4/5 days but after that i was ok and id say fine after about 2 weeks and driving again! Of course, everyones experiences are different. Having had the c section i can see the advantages of having one with the second.. If you go for an elective you could make plans for childcare as you will know when its going to happen. You could rest as much as possible before (maybe not an option with young children though!) Could you get someone to help with the other children after the c section? This would help you a lot. With my baby i was in labour for 2 days and then found out he was breech and had to have an emergency C section on the 3rd day. He was 11 days over too! So i can definatley see how forward planning could help if i had another. And the scaring isnt bad at all, just above my lady parts and you cant see it if i have knickers on!!
    And as for being traumatic for baby, my LO is fine! Very happy and healthy!
    Good x
  4. blueone

    blueone New commenter

    I meant to say good luck, not just good!![​IMG]
  5. Congratulations on your pregnancy GemLP[​IMG]
    I would explore the options avaialble in your area which may reduce your fear of a natural birth, such as counselling or hynotherapy or whater and see if you fancy pursuing any of them further.
    At the same time I would also be campaigning for an elective section and planning for that.
    If I got anywhere with dealing with the fear of another natural birth I would know I could always change my mind on the section.
    Good luck with everything.
  6. GemLP

    GemLP New commenter

    Thank you! Its so good to hear that people have had good experiences with C-Sections; so many people seem so anti it, I dont know why though! I think I would be a mess if I was told I had to do natural again - although the actual labour for me was ok, and the majority of the birth went well - it was only the last 2 minutes where it all went wrong, but it was the recovery time after - I just dont think I could bear to be in that much pain again!!
    I think you are right Weebecka though - I could change my mind later on - some one has also said that having an epidural can help stop the tearing as it slows down the birth - however most people who have an epi then have to go on to have interventions requiring an episiotomy (sp?) which can lead to tearing - argh!! Just so complicated!!
    I am seeing the MW next week so I am hoping to chat with her about my options!
    I just know it is going to be on my mind from now (10 weeks!!) until I get close to it - I am already losing sleep over it - how sad is that!!!!!! [​IMG]

  7. That's really sad.
    Really try to get yourself into the mindset - an elective section is quite a good option - far better than what I've been through.
    And I've also got plenty of time to see if I can I can find a better route for me or not.
    And if that kind of thinking doens't work, eat more chocolate. xxx


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