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3d shape activites

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by katherineannaspence, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. has anyone got any ideas for introduceing 3d shapes to the class in a fun way. Also some small group activities. Thanks
  2. has anyone got any ideas for introduceing 3d shapes to the class in a fun way. Also some small group activities. Thanks
  3. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    I use the magic bag activity from this link to introduce 3d shapes:

    We focus on a different shape each week. Last week we introduced spheres. The independent activities were:
    • playing with the marble run
    • bead threading - the children had to hunt for spherical beads
    • making spheres out of playdough - I'd made playdough mats, and they tried to make different sized balls to match the pictures
    • looking at a globe
    • magnetic construction - don't know what it's called but there are little magnetic cuboids and sort of ball bearing things
    • playing with shaving foam and different sized balls in the tuff spot
    • using pieces of drain pipe to make a ramp that balls could roll down.
    This week we're going to look at cones. At the moment, I'm planning to give the children large triangular pieces of paper for them to try and roll and stick into cones - they can then make them into ice-cream cones (with scrunched tissue for the ice-cream) or party hats (which they can decide how to decorate). I've also got cone playdough mats, but I'm not sure what other activities to put out.

    Cubes and/or cuboid activities:
    • making models out of multilink (I've got pictures for them to copy, or they can do their own)
    • making cubes or cuboids out of playdough
    • junk modelling with boxes
    • making cubes or cuboids out of polydron, art straws or clever sticks
    • rolling a dice, taking that many duplo bricks, trying to build the tallest tower
    • building with wooden blocks
    activities for a mixture of shapes (for introduction or revision/consolidation):
    • feely bag or feely box
    • building with poleidoblocks
    • making a ramp - which shapes roll, which shapes slide
    • printing with solid shapes
    • polydron - which shapes can be made, which shapes are impossible to make
    • shape hunt/shape sorting (provide example solid shapes, and then hunt for real objects in the classroom that match the different shapes)
    • shape puzzles and dominoes

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