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30 November

Discussion in 'Independent' started by greygaunt, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. greygaunt

    greygaunt New commenter

    As far as I know, my school will be taking no part in the action planned for this day... The brutal economic reality of having to refund parents if the school is forced to close is just one consideration. However, after a long chat with my state-sector employed sisiter, I am wondering if we shouldn't be supporting this one in other ways. For instance, a donation to union funds. Otherwise, what are we union members for?
  2. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    But have you considered the cost to the school of having to set up its own pension scheme? Don't forget that the government's proposal is likely to result in staff in independent schools being excluded from the Teachers' Pension Scheme. The resulting cost of having to set-up a new scheme, or of having to buy into a commercial scheme, is almost certain to be many times the cost of having to refund a day's fees and the benefits are likely to be nowhere near those currently enjoyed.
    This is why staff in independent schools are preparing to strike, as they did back in June - although I think I'm right in saying that the proportion of those striking was small enough to allow most independent schools to open as usual, albeit with a reduced and adapted timetable. Of course, boarding schools in particular are unlikely to close for the day, for practical reasons.

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