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3 word story game

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by MsAnonymous, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. a terrible pain
  2. in a tunnel
  3. Squeeeeeek, chugga, aaaaaaaargh
  4. He was dead
  5. The next day
  6. at his funeral
  7. he wasn't dead!!! :O
  8. The shocked mourners
  9. including several large
  10. hobgoblins in hats
  11. overweight belly dancers
  12. and tall transvestites
  13. and other circus
  14. personnel of note
  15. There were unicycles,
  16. elephants, clowns and
  17. seals balancing balls
  18. spangly dangling acrobats
  19. They all took
  20. one look at

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