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3 Tier System or an Alternative?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by hartless, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. How about...... Foundation Paper G to C grade. Higher E - A grade. Extension Paper B - A*. All have an opportunity to get C. Higher have opportunity to get A. A level prospective pupils must have extension paper. Just a thought....
  2. I like it! Would not like to go back to a system where you cannot get a C at foundation so that sounds good!
  3. I had no issue with the 3 tier system as it was

    Students who were not math minded at all could approach the foundation paper with some confidence

    The vast majority sat Intermediate

    Higher could challenge and prep better for A level
  4. I feel that the needs of the least able (which accounts for about a fifth of my students) are not taken in to account in the current system. Rather than have alternative qualifications such as ELC I'd rather that this be incorporated in the GCSE qualification along with the needs of another fifth of my students, those working at A and A* and going on to study maths at A-Level. Because of this I liked the idea I read on the forum earlier in the week. 3-4 units which cover the full range of topics (so no dropping Statistics early on) but with the first unit going up to grade D, the second up to grade C and so on with students "dropping out" once they have demonstrated the level they want or need to.
  5. I teach in a secondary modern school. Many having failed the numeracy section of the 11+. Imagine how we feel.
  6. Maths_Mike

    Maths_Mike New commenter

    not exactly hugely different from old three teir.
    Higher was A-B - C was a safety net for those that effectively failed having obviously been entered at the incorrect teir.
    Intermediate was B-E - I would have no wish for A grade questions on this paper as it would make it too hard for the candidates and defeat the object.
    Foundation - well I maintain a veiw that if you are capable of a C grade (and if you teacher couldnt tell the difference between this and someone who was an F or G- then the want shooting) then you should be doing intermediate - i.e. only G, F or E students should do foundation so no need for a c grade on this paper.
    But if adding it get the cry baby I cant get a c kids happy then fine - much better to add a theoretical (say 95% mark to get it) c grade to the foundation than to have the pigs ear of the two teir
  7. Maths_Mike

    Maths_Mike New commenter

    so A*ABC - Higher (C grade just as a safety net - exam not rally for C grade ability)
    BCDE - Intermediate - Good for the majority of kids
    EFG - Foundation - for the bottom end and yes sry you cant get a C but if you could (or even a D or a good E student) then you wouldnt be doing foundation anyway.
    Oh I forgot thats exactly what we had before the screwed it up
  8. lancsHOD

    lancsHOD New commenter

    I totally agree, espeacially about the C on Foundation paper, never agreed with the argument that it had to be available on the Foundation. As Mike said if a child had any chance of a grade C then they would be entered for foundation.
  9. Making a grade C available to all students has removed lots of barriers for us.
  10. Maths_Mike

    Maths_Mike New commenter

    Like what - having to have some ideas how good the kids are so you can teach and test them according to their ability?
  11. Maths_Mike

    Maths_Mike New commenter

    but as I already said if putting a making a C grade theorectically available on the foundation paper allowed for a return to three teir then fine.
    I am not against it - just dont thing it is necessary
  12. lancsHOD

    lancsHOD New commenter

    Again, I agree, have a C available but need a very high grade boundary for it if you feel it is necessary to have a C available on all papers for motivation.....
    But we should be honest with our students if they are grade F or G candidates allowing them to sit a paper where a C is attainable won't mean they will magically get a C!
  13. I disagree

    The top flight are not the most disadvantaged [/b]by the current system ... the students who have their confidence in their capacity to do basic maths because they have a paper that goes up to C are the disadvantaged ones

    I would like to see a seriously functional paper that helps them to budget, recognise APR of 3 million %, weigh things, etc

    Perhaps just a Pass/Fail but something that enables them to demonstrate what they can (and need to do)
  14. "Like what - having to have some ideas how good the kids are so you can teach and test them according to their ability?"

    No Mike. Why do you constantly find it so necessary to be so offensive in your contributions on here?
  15. It removed no barriers for me ... it created them for students
  16. In what way ResourceFinder? I think for our A/A* (and perhaps grade B) students having their paper go down to grade D has meant it stretches across too many levels and means less opportunity for them to demonstrate their understanding.
  17. In what way has that created a barrier for you rather than the student?
  18. DM

    DM New commenter

    Are you becoming cantankerous in your advancing years RF? [​IMG]
    Still stressy atmosphere at home over your daughter's exams?
  19. Yes


    But I was not being stressy there ... just wondering how what brookes said argued with what I said [​IMG]
  20. DM

    DM New commenter

    Your bark is worth than your bite anyway.

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