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3 things that have made you smile today.

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Milkandchalk, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. 1) Buying a "sticky note page" from Smiths for £2.50- it's a firm page that goes into your binder, with loads of different post-it note pads on it!!! 2) Cooking bolognese sauce but having to leave it simmering for ages and ages due to baby- the result was it tasted fantastic and will definitely try and do that in the future! I know you're meant to simmer bolognese for hours but seriously who does?! Me from now on! 3) Being brave (that's all I'm going to write on that one!)
  2. Not had the greatest day...but I'm sure I can pick out 3 things to make me feel better about it...

    1) Two girls in the year 5 class I was in today coming up to me after a HORRIBLE PE lesson to ask if I was ok ("because some supply teachers get really upset when we're badly behaved") thought it was quite sweet.

    2) Finishing sorting my room out...it's tidy for the first time in ages!

    3) An amazing piece of steak for dinner that we only bought cos it was on offer!
  3. madenglishgirl

    madenglishgirl New commenter

    1) Having a cover lesson go rather well despite having to totally think on my feet after I discovered the class had already done the work set
    2) Catching 2 girls trying to sneak back into school having bunked the whole afternoon...oh how I will laugh when they re banned from the prom tomorrow night! Mwhahahahaha
    3) Spending a good hour making dens with my toddler and having a tea party with the teddies [​IMG]
  4. Working in a small building of a school, and trying relentlesly to keep y3 quiet all week because of SATs, a child aske me..;Miss, are SATa finished now? Thankgod for that, we can breath again'....

    If I owned a hotel, i would charge a pound a night then everyone could afford a holiday ( yr 2 child)

    ..can't think of a 3rd, its been a long, hard day....
  5. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    It really does make a difference, which is why I tend to make huge quantities in the holidays and freeze it in portion sizes.
  6. 1) My form class (Year 11) left today & came in with a lovely bunch of flowers, a box of chocolate and a HUGE card for me. Aww, I'm really going to miss them!

    2) Seeing myself on the big screen in the main hall, dancing around to Poker Face like an idiot. We made a 'mash-up' video for Year 11 & thought it was a brilliant idea at the time. After watching it back several times, I now realise how cringe-worthy it is! Oh well, it made the students laugh... a little too much actually...I thought I was a damn good Lady Gaga!

    3) Realising that there are 3 less classes to teach now & the summer holidays are not too far away! :)
  7. for yesterday,
    planned qa fun topic lesson with an experiment where u smear vaseline on coins then add a drop of water to magnify.
    1 - being told by 1 child the lesson was 'sick'.
    2 - 1 child beggin me to ask her mum if she could try it again at home cos it was so gud
    3 - another teacher coming in2 my room 2 see wat all the fuss was about, after my entire class acostted him on their way out to play to tell him about the 'wicked' experiment.
    i can do sumthing right - google, lol x
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    1) Feeling like I have my taught my bottom set something, after getting some
    great writing, which shows them to be considerably more thoughtful and mature
    others in the year group who are taught English (it's not called
    "Literacy" in my classroom!) by mechanical steps / numbers / rote.

    2) The romantic evening my wife and I had yesterday.

    3) Smiling whilst remembering that one of my innocents asked me yesterday -
    in all sincerity - if TAs get paid.

  9. tangerinecat

    tangerinecat New commenter

    1) Finding out that since I've been off work, 7 others have left or are planning to leave, Schadenfreude, yes - still made me smile though. Maybe SMT will get the message...yeah, right!
    2) Son1 at friends' house , so spared a day of jibbering about exactly how many points he's scored on the Wii, with blow by blow details of how he got them. He can jibber to his friend, thus sparing his friend's mum exactly the same torture!
    3) Magnum for breakfast [​IMG]
  10. Love this thread :)
    Apologies that these are all Year 11 based, but they did leave this week and I'm all nostalgic:

    1) One of my real 'tough guy' Year 11s stopping the class to give a speech about how pleased he was he'd had me as a teacher and getting three cheers from the whole class.
    2) The girls laughing at me (nicely!) When asked what was so funny, they commented that I always sing instructions to them and it's clear I like teaching them :)
    3) A pupil with a lot of problems going on study leave with a full coursework folder and a C grade mock.

    Sam Bow
  11. We'll count this one as Friday-Sunday at the mo...

    1) Had a bit of a mini-breakdown on Friday night where I poured my heart out to a friend about how **** I've been feeling lately... she was really supportive and I felt that maybe there is someone out there that gets it and isn't judgemental.

    2) Marking some of my Y3/4s' work on adventure stories, set in India... one of the lads wrote a tale where the Taj Mahal fell down halfway through and had put in his narrative "well, that wasn't exactly helpful." I found that really funny!

    3) Am staying at my mum's while I'm on my final placement - she went to M+S and got some fab stuff from that dine in for a tenner offer which we're having tonight, she's lending me loads of stuff to make fat balls with my class tomorrow, and she's left me alone to have some time by myself to check my e-mails, do my marking and watch some of my House backlog on the Sky+ box. Fab!
  12. 1) Seeing 15,000 people head off to complete the London Full and Half moon and seeing the first ones come back whilst being a crew member, have handed out a lot of magazines, water and postcards but to see the wonderful people achieve this task is fantastic

    2) Spotting elephants in the London elephant Parade whilst driving in

    3) Hearing my nephew tell me he has chicken cox - refuses to believe its pox!!
  13. 1. washing my hair with gorgeous smelling new Lush conditioner my sister gave me just cos she knew i'd like it.
    2. A walk in the woods with my boyfriend.
    3 The prospect of roast lamb this evening with a red wine gravy and Lewis on the tele!
  14. gergil4

    gergil4 New commenter

    1) Poorly son with earache (ouch) who turned from tears to giggles when I tried to make him nod his head while he tried to shake it
    2) Daughter who flies out of the door for a day at the Symphony Hall with Grandparents and cousin
    3) My clean parking spaces and front door step - no more builders' bags, weeds or moss off the roof.
  15. Milkandchalk

    Milkandchalk New commenter

    So glad this thread is still going.
    • Had to ask one of the children to step outside for a word. A CA then told me that whilst I was speaking to him, one of the children in the group said to her "Miss Chalk's having to give someone a row. It's nearly June, you think they'd have learned by now..."
    • One of the netball girl telling me that I'm the best netball coach ever. Hmmm
    • Eating a few more of the donut balls the bloke brough round yesterday.
  16. marmot.morveux

    marmot.morveux New commenter

    1) My pupils actually enjoying a subtitled soap in French
    2) My GCSE students trying hard
    3) ......oh....and my new job!
  17. tangerinecat

    tangerinecat New commenter

    1) Finally I've dyed my hair to cover the grey, I keep catching myself looking at it in the mirror. Such a lovely colour [​IMG]
    2) I'm not a trouser person (waist 2 sizes smaller than hips = trouser nightmare), but found some in a charity shop from Toast and they fit beautifully. Keep stroking my own legs as I walk...they feel so wonderful! [​IMG]
    3) A wave of nostalgia caused by a thread on Opinion, reminding me of I-Spy books
  18. dominant_tonic

    dominant_tonic Established commenter

    Didn't think people had this problem in reverse. Must be even worse that way! Feeling a strange mix of sympathay and pure envy :)
    My three for today are:
    1) Enjoying the fact I have moved 5000 miles to the otherside of the world, and feeling like I have done the right thing, and feeling happier now than I have done in a long time.
    2) Wandering around a supermarket having no idea what it is I am purchasing, and trying to make a tea out of it. interesting is the word I think.
    3) I have had a retrospective laugh about desk draw breaking and falling on foot, and breaking big toe 2 hours before my first day in work. My poor employers insurance premiums have just gone up, and I have very pretty colours developing on my foot. The wry laugh was bought about by the fact that until 31yrs of age, I have broken nothing until that! :)
    Lots and lots more, but you get the idea. :) :) :)
  19. 1) Today didn't turn out to be as bad as I thought it was going to be at 8am this morning.
    2) One of the lads in my class bringing in cake because it was his birthday yesterday, and then wandering around school at the end of the day offering leftovers to any teachers or TAs that he came across.
    3) Another of my (very talkative lads) exclaiming "I've found God!" because he'd found g, o and d (coincidentally) next to each other in a word search.
    4) Only one more Monday to a holiday!
  20. 1) Made the fat balls, which involved me scooping Trex and lard into mixing bowls for the groups to use. Half the class walked in and said "oooh, we're eating ice cream!"

    ... is it bad I was half tempted to get them to try it?

    2) Had the science week end-of-day progress assembly where one of the titchy ones said that another word for a cocoon is a chrysalis - the staff were stunned, I thought it was hilarious, bless her!

    3) The fact that one of my Y3/4s wants me to bring my hot pink washbag with me on the residential next week so we match!

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