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3 Peaks

Discussion in 'School trips' started by morris1984, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. morris1984

    morris1984 New commenter

    I am thinking about running a trip to do the 3 peaks but not in 24hrs.
    My initial thoughts are: Find a company that suits our needs and not stupidly over priced, but lacking in companies that are offering just the trip, anybody know who can offer the trip?

    So after this, my thoughts changed to do it all yourself, is this possible?
    I was thinking max 16 students and 4 staff to share the driving in 2 mini buses, a day to travel to each climb. We are based in the south east.
    Issues would be, apart from getting it signed off by SLT:
    Guide of the climbs

    Please any help would be great
  2. markgarland1

    markgarland1 New commenter

    Hi Morris,

    I am a Mountaineering instructor with an educational background and have completed the 3 Peaks many times as an event and the peaks individually in both summer and winter.

    I am happy to discuss information to help you plan the trip. And if you need instructors, happy to help.

  3. Skeoch

    Skeoch Lead commenter

    A few points in no particular order.
    Have a think about drivers' hours. Although school minibuses won't need a tacho, you should consider keeping your hours well below the maximum permitted if you were using a tacho. The co-drivers will need rest if not sleep while someone else is driving. In my judgement the biggest risk on this challenge is on the roads!
    Consider mishaps. How do you plan to handle the party member who is injured (and therefore needs accompanying to hospital, which will lose you a member of staff) or who simply can't go on? What does this do to your staffing?
    Youth hostel is the obvious accommodation solution: YHA group membership costs £40/year so is a good investment; hostels can provide food and drying rooms.
    Timing and season is important - longest daylight hours seem to drive you to the summer half term.
    Consider what you'll do if the weather forecast is against you: you may have to be prepared to call it all off, or have an alternative date lined up, or have some consolation prize.
    If you can't provide your own qualified leaders you can look here http://www.mountain-training.org/walking/other/find-a-leader
    I wouldn't have been prepared to do this with anyone under 16 (maybe one 15-y-o) in my days as a Mountaineering Adviser in the Scouts, but would have looked at the possibilities for older ones. You might find some parents with the right skills who might be available as either qualified leaders or unqualified but helpful assistants to go along with the qualified ones.
    If you use outside leaders they'll want to know about the levels of fitness and training among the party (in good weather of course all three routes are straightforward navigation - the cynic says, "Just follow everyone else" - but weather can change very quickly). They will also want to know about the kit and clothing.
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