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3 months re-registration ruling with agency...ho hum!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by pedigree, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Apparently if you have not worked for the agency HAYS for three months or more you will need to go through the registration process i.e.more form filling, ID checks and yet another eCRB application!
    In practical terms this means many of us who have NOT WORKED since last September will have to do more paperwork and admin for what? Yet another moneyspinning, pointless exercise.
    Since you can write off August and with so many supply teachers still not getting any work in October/November many of us will have to through this process again and again etc.
    Anyone who has experience of all this unnecessary fuss? UK/EU ruling or agency specific ruling???[​IMG] How many in the education service are more eCRB checked than agency supply teachers? Most unfair.
  2. If the useless ****** (insert profanity of your choice here) haven't gotten you any work in the past 3 months I'd sack them off and register with a different agency. CRBs last a year anyway so no way should you have to fork out a new one.
  3. I wonder how many of these agencies claim to have a Quality Mark. Maybe we should all start complaining and campaigning to get these Quality Marks removed.
  4. Another one does this after 6 months - not to the level of new CRBs thank god but to the level that I got so fed up with it I told them where to go.
  5. Not just Hays, I'm afraid. Reed do it also.
  6. madenglishgirl

    madenglishgirl New commenter

    I know that a CRB is only valid if you are actually working...if you haven't worked (at all) in a 3 month period then the CRB is invalidated. We have a bank of supply staff and get them to come in at least every couple of months so that their CRB stays valid. Seems a bit of a faff to totally re-register though!
  7. catherine_ann

    catherine_ann Occasional commenter

    I have had exactly the same experience as Pedigree! I 'thought' I was registered with Hays and when I was asked to do some supply I told the school that I was registered with Hays, but as above because I have not worked with them they were trying to make me jump through hoops once again. Luckily I have another agency that I have been getting regualr work with since september who are going to laise with the school that want me to supply for them!
    Hays are a joke! (I have also had pleanty of other incidents with them!)

  8. There is a lot of ambiguity, contradiction and unfair, dubious employment practice from this agency.
    If for example they found you 1 day's/1/2 day's work in the last three months would you not have to re-register?
    Hence why did they not do this? What was the ulterior motive?
    understand that the eCRB is still in force? and you hold another from
    the LEA and have actually worked in a school within the area so why all
    the fuss about "Safeguarding" concerns?
    Sounds as though they are
    making up the rules and I would put them on the spot e.g. the eCRB is
    actually applicable for three years and if you have worked in schools
    within the same catchment area there should be no problem.
    Challenge the call centre operative or speak to the line manager and threaten them with industrial tribunal proceedings if necessary.

  9. Could it possibly be linked with the newly in force agencies regs giving agency staff most of the same rights as full time if they've worked 11 weeks?
  10. That may be another "rule" but in my case HAYS actually gave me a lot of work last term but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SINCE SEPTEMBER!

    However if I was given just one day/1/2 day or whatever I would still be registered!!!!!
    Hence without sounding too paranoid are they trying to get rid of people OR are they stupid gluttons for more paperwork???? I did extremely well on their online "safeguarding" programmes/courses and eCRB is up-to-date so why the fuss?

    I've provided them with the dosh, given much added value over many years...!

  11. Hi

    I had similar experience with hays but much more severe. I got 5 references for them in last 5 yrs of employment for re registration. Then proofs of address. Then they said 3 months later we need new references ie the same references again!
    But I told them I was not working for those employers they insisted the needed new references anyways. I eben had a new CRB. they then told me to apply for new crb since i had mot worked in the last 3 months!
    I think they just were making a fool out of me and had me on run around. Finally I gave up and dd not have time to waste by playing games with Hays Sheffield. These agencies need to be reported to the a recruitment and employment confederation.
  12. I did not bother with Hays, for the same reasons you describe. They took so long processing my application, and then told me references were out of date.

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