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3 month old and holiday in Bali

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by FoundationStage!, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. My husband and I will be taking our gorgeous new son to Bali at the end of April. I didn't want to but it's his best friend's wedding and he wants his school friends to meet his new family (he is from NZ and his friends live all around the globe). He will have had his 12 week imms but can't be protected against lots of diseases. I am pretty anxious in general so this trip has thrown up lots of issues! I've borrowed a lightweight wrap to wear him because I want to know he is okay but then worry that he would overheat so a buggy would be better as shadier. What equipment would you say is essential? I'm exclusively breastfeeding so fortunate not to have to worry about the water. Do you know an insect repellent that can be used with a small baby? Should I ask the GP to prescribe baby sun screen or keep him shaded at all times (which I know I need to do anyway). Please help!
  2. I'm not an expert on caring for babies in the heat, but have just recently had a baby in Spain and had lots of advice from people here. It is in the 20s here at the moment and in this heat I don't expose my baby's skin to the sun at all, even when it's cloudy. We have wraps too, but at the moment if I have to go out in the sun I take the buggy and pull the hood down completely and stay in the shade as much as possible. I have been told by the pediatrician to offer the baby boiled, cooled water between feedings so you might ask your doctor about that too. We've been told not to use insect repellents at all, but luckily insects aren't a problem here. Maybe for you, keeping baby in the buggy with a mosquito net is the best solution to avoid bites?
  3. We took our little boy to Bali when he was 4 months (although we live in Asia so didn't have a longhaul flight to contend with!). It was a great trip and he didn't seem bothered by the heat although it seemed to make him sleepier than usual.
    I advise that you bring nappies as the only nappies available at our 4* star hotel/shops were crazy expensive, horrid plastic ones. There was no formula available whatsoever as far as i saw but that shouldn't worry you.
    Have you taken your baby swimming yet? Ours absolutely loved the water and it was a fun way to cool off. Bring swim nappies if you fancy this! You can pick up some great sunsuits/hats on suntogs.co.uk so there was no danger of him getting burnt.
    We didn't get any bites but def bring a mozzie net just in case.
    Bring calpol etc just in case you need it.
    Hope you have a good time!
  4. I really guess that there is nothing wrong with that one. If you would be having a good toddler bed and accessories on that one, then that would be good. Just really have to take good and utmost care of the baby. It would be very sensitive if it goes out too much. Just take precautionary measures in order to make things work out in this one.

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