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3 lesson plans in 24 hours

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by LightDivided, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. LightDivided

    LightDivided New commenter

    So I’ve done my first full lesson teaching with mixed results. My behaviour management is fine, subject knowledge good but my planning let me down.

    I’ve returned to school today to be told I know have to plan 3 lessons by tomorrow, all of which are to be delivered after half term.

    This seems excessive as I’ve yet to fully reflect on yesterday and I’m feeling a bit unprepared. Is this normal practice for a trainee?
  2. neddyfonk

    neddyfonk Established commenter

    Behaviour management from day one combined with good subject knowledge must put a smile on your face. You are right that reflecting on what did not work as well as it should will result in better planning. Try to enjoy the challenge.
  3. blueskydreaming

    blueskydreaming Lead commenter

    The best way to improve your lesson planning is to get stuck in and do it, then listen to the feedback and act on it. There may be a great deal of trial and error, and it may take a while for it to click, but you need to be resilient.

    How long do you need to reflect on the lesson you taught yesterday? Have you not been given feedback that you can use by your mentor? How many lessons do you think you should be teaching per week at this stage?

    After half term it's 7 weeks until Christmas, and it will pass quickly. You should make the most of this time, because at placement 2 your timetable will be heavier. If it's been identified that lesson planning is an area to work on, then make sure you focus on it while you have the time at placement 1.

    If your concern is that you feel your planning is taking too long, or you aren't sure how to do it effectively, then ask for advice.
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  4. surfblue33

    surfblue33 New commenter

    This is not uncommon, I'm afraid. Perhaps you could ask if you can mail the lesson plans by tomorrow evening...it would give you some more time. Use your free lessons wisely and ask your colleagues for help with planning and resources. I have found most of my colleagues really helpful during my PGCE year.
    Another tip for your placements, make sure you share your resources too with people in your department and you might be pleasantly surprised just how much "goodwill" you will get back. :)
    Fantastic that you have already behaviour managed so well!
    Good luck with everything. It's a crazy year but so rewarding.
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  5. PintPlease

    PintPlease New commenter

    I had a mentor who insisted on all lesson plans, resources, powerpoints etc to be submitted 2 clear school days before the lesson for every lesson i taught. So i was having to submit Monday's lessons on the Wednesday of the week before. This was bonkers as i had one class i taught on the Thursday and Friday then the Monday. I ended up planning most of my Monday lessons twice as i changed things following the Thurs/Fri lessons.

    Damn near wiped me out.

    When i told my tutor she was not pleased as 24 hours was the SCITT requirement to allow flexibility to change lessons following feedback.

    You will get through and it will get better!
  6. Happy-Hogan

    Happy-Hogan New commenter

    To be fair I am in this situation. Subject knowledge good, remaining developing.

    I also had 3 lessons to prep, I had 2 half finished, tweaked these. Just keep drafting lesson plans, depending on SoW. It's this work rate that will trip some of us up.

    Just think - maintain this and you WILL pass.
  7. Teacher-in-Training42

    Teacher-in-Training42 New commenter

    some mentors are fussy, I think you should speak to your uni tutor and student union.

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