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3 hour nursery sessions

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by toyser, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Hello!

    I currently work part-time in a nursery and am starting a new full time post in September. My new school are still trying to figure out how to run the 3 hours sessions. At the moment I work in a double unit and we have separate morning and afternoon staff. My new post is a one form entry school, so it's just me. I am more than happy to do the two 3 hours sessions, but obviously this has implications for pay. How are other schools doing it? Do you get paid extra or get extra hours out of class?
    Any thoughts .....
  2. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    No extra pay 3 hoursPPA
  3. candyshrimp

    candyshrimp New commenter

    The 3 hour sessions have been tried in lots of nurseries and many have realised that lots of good aspects of teamwork are lost.
    You end up having to have staff breaktimes and lunchtimes staggered and you never get time to meet about anything or to do the setting up that a nursery needs. As a teacher you will end up doing extra hours for no extra pay or PPA.
    I would strongly advise running 2.5 hour sessions with children staying for one full day per week, including a lunchtime club. If you don't count the lunchtime bit as the 15 hours per week (e.g. it is in addition to the 15 hours) then you don't have to have a teacher present during lunchtime. You can count the lunchtime part if you wish but you'd have to plan and deliver the curriculum as if it were normal session time.
  4. Miss Piggywig

    Miss Piggywig New commenter

    Hi, I agree we now run 3 hour sessions with part flexible provision and it has majorly inpacted staff and planning, displays even provision as there is no set up time, bearly 20 mins for lunch each day as we only have 30 mins between doors opening at end of one session and again at beginning of other. I am interested how you run this 2.5 hour sessions with one full day. At this time of year we are full so 39 children each session if I offered them a full day I would be over my 39 number limit also with 3 staff this wouldn't be possible. Are you in a different setting with more staff? I know this keeps coming up but would love some new ideas.
  5. upsadaisy

    upsadaisy New commenter

    My school does it as 8:45 to 11:45, which seems to work better. There are no breaks, but hot drinks in covered mugs are made by one member. Obviously toilet breaks are fine. The Nursery Teacher does the planning.

    My daughter's school does it so the morning Nursery stay to lunch, and afternoon Nursery come to lunch (separately) but meal time supervisors cover them. 9-12 and 12:15 to 3:15. They do eat in a different area of the school to the rest.

    This means the staff in the Nursery do get a lunch.
  6. candyshrimp

    candyshrimp New commenter

    Miss Piggywig, We have around 30 children in a 39 place nursery so we have enough spare places in each session to accommodate the extra children.
    Our numbers will be much lower next year as the intake to Reception is now once per year so we will have hardly any children left in nursery!
  7. We do three hour sessions and it is very complicated. I'm a teacher in a 39 place nursery, there is another full time teacher and three full time ta's.

    Morning session is 9:15 - 12:15 and afternoon session is 12:15 - 3:15 so we have no inbetween time!!!
    I have the morning children on the carpet for songs and a story at 11:30, giving the other staff a few minutes to set up. Then, I take the morning children over to the main school hall at about 11:45 for a lunch club with one ta and two additional lunch time supervisors. So the other teacher and ta's get their lunch break. The morning children's parents pick them up from the hall at 12:15
    The afternoon children arrive at the nursery at 12:15, me and the ta that stayed with me at lunchtime then have our lunch break and the lunch time supervisors make up the adult numbers in the nursery until 12:45 when we return to work.
    It does mean that the morning children lose nearly an hour of their time to lunch which I don't like and if one adult is away it creates chaos. But due to planning permission rules we can't open and close any earlier.
  8. chubbyone

    chubbyone Occasional commenter

    We have 30 place nursery in the morn 8.30-11.30, then 30 places in the afternoon from 12.30-3.30. Currently we only have 26 in each session so we have a teacher and lsp4 ( ratio 1-13). Children either do morning or afternoon all week so nursery is empty for an hour so that the 2 staff can get ready and have dinner.
  9. chubbyone

    chubbyone Occasional commenter

    In response to overtime, the 1265 hours a teacher is to work seems to allow this as long as no additional meetings are undertaken except fir the hour staff meeting. The teacher gets a morning or afternoon so PPA wise they get 3 hours so 10% of their week is 3 hours.
  10. Always a top topic...
    I am teacher in charge of a 39 place nursery. We only offer sessional places, so there is no lunchtime or all day facility.
    Our morning session is from 9.00 - 12.00. At 12.00, all nursery nurses except for 1 go on their lunch. A TA from school comes in to sit with children on the carpet and 1 nursery nurse goes on the door while I dismiss the children, passing messages, etc.
    Then myself and the nursery nurse who was on door duty join everyone else for lunch. This is about 12.10. The TA from school is responsible for looking at plans and setting up nursery ready for the afternoon children who arrive at 12.30.
    When 12.30 comes, the 2 nursery nurses who had their lunch from 12.00 come out for afternoon nursery. They are supported by the TA from big school who covers my lunch, as I have to have an hour. (joke)
    At 12.40, the door duty nursery nurse appears, then at 1.00 the TA from school leaves and my afternoon begins.
    It's not ideal, but it is the scenario which seems to work best for us. A few weeks ago, I covered a morning in YR. I took the children into assembly, only to be told by the head that I could take my break now (I was planning on a quick 15 mins after assembly whilst the TA led snack). 25 minutes later the children were still in assembly!!!!! I'd drunk a scorching hot cuppa, washed up my cup, done the rest of the washing up in the sink, tidied the staffroom, emptied my pigeon hole and chatted to staff I don't see too often. Then I waited outside the hall twiddling my thumbs!!!!!
    At lunch time I never get an hour. School staff have from 12.00 to 1.15. Obviously, most people do some work during their lunch time, but I have to be back in nursery from 1.00. I don't think it is recognised that I never start my lunch until 12.10 at the earliest.
    Also, school finishes at 3.15. Nursery finishes at 3.30. We do open up a little earlier to facilitate parents who have to dash to the junior school but I'm often still dismissing children at 3.35 (and the rest). At the beginning of the year, the deputy head came to nursery to find out why I wasn't at staff meeting which started at 3.30. I was still dismissing children!!!!! You can't win!
    However, I love working in nursery and I'm not ready to go back to big school just yet...

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