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3 children under 10.. PGCE or GTP..??

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by indoubt74, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone,
    I am after some much needed advice.. I am hoping to apply to do either a PGCE or the GTP in MFL (Spanish) for Sept 2012. I would like to start the process early so I plan to apply October/November time, or as early as I can. I might be applying for the CILT GTP for native speakers too.
    Now, I do know that both the PGCE & the GTP courses are intensive... but I wonder if people might have an opinion as to which course would be better if one has children. If I get a place for Sept 2012 my daughter will be 10 and my twin boys will be almost 9... I have looked but there don´t seem to be too many places that offer the Flexible PGCE course. While both are intensive, does anyone think that the GTP might be better (if I get in!) than the PGCE..? Perhaps in terms of only having to travel to the same school, most of the time..? I have read on here that often with the GTP you are very much thrown at the deep end.. and that the PGCE provides more support..? Financially, of course the GTP would be better, having a mortgage and a husband who is a teacher (so we are not loaded! [​IMG]) means that getting a salary while I train would be better than having to apply for a student loan etc...
    I would appreciate any thoughts, particularly from those with families,
    Thank you [​IMG]
  2. Hiya
    I have 3 children aged 8,5 and 4 and I applied for the GTP last year for entry this September. I chose this route because of the financial aspect - we also have a mortgage and my husband is self employed - it just seemed to make sense to me. Unfortunately I didn't get a place due to lack of experience, and as I understand it the GTP is extremely competitive. My training provider told me that they had candidates with 10 years experience as a TA applying for it; I have volunteered in a school for many years but couldn't compete with that !
    I went on to apply for a PGCE and did get a place. I am currently going through the hell that is Student Finance trying to secure a maintenance grant to pay for it !
    I guess it depends on your experience as to which one to apply for. I think the PGCE is probably better for me as I'm not sure that in reality I could cope with the demands of the GTP - however I do have concerns about the PGCE as well, especially as you say, with the travelling to placements.
    I wish you well with your decision.
  3. Hi there,
    Thank you for your reply. Yes, I am aware that the GTP is very competitive, I am hoping to get a place on the CILT GTP which is for native speakers, I am Spanish, but that is also highly competitive... From looking on the GTTR website it looks like they still have vacancies for PGCE in MFL courses now for THIS September... so I guess they really are short of MFL teachers...which I guess could mean that it wouldn´be as hard to get a place on a PGCE course...however! As you say, financially the GTP makes so much more sense.
    I just worry about never seeing my kids and husband! Do you think the GTP is more intense than the PGCE? I keep reading how you are thrown at the deep end much more on the GTP.. I have been teaching Spanish privately (small groups & one to ones) for 6 years, I do have a TESOL qualification & did have to do 6 proper lessons for that... and I have been a TA (although in Primary) for 5 years... so not sure how I would compare with other GTP ... probably not that well!!
    Decisions...!! [​IMG]
  4. Hi
    I chose GTP over PGCE for financial reasons and am starting in Sept. Both our children will be at the same school as I will be training in - but this won't mean I can combine going to work with the school run. I talked to other teachers who did GTP in my school and it seems that the hours work out at about 8am - 6pm. (There's a thread on here too somewhere about this). So, my wife will have to drop off and pick up our boys just as if I was on a PGCE or working somewhere else. Bear this in mind, unless your school has wide-ranging (and cheap) breakfast and after-school clubs.
    I'm not from a teaching background and am re-training at the ripe old age of 40. I think with your teaching experience you would be fine on GTP. One big difference is that you are left to your own devices a lot more with the coursework. If you are self-motivated and organised, I'd say GTP. Unless you want to end up working in NZ or Australia of course...but that's a whole other can of worms...[​IMG]
    If you want any more info, let me know.
  5. One other thought - from what I have gleaned on here and on Twitter, you will be working most evenings and maybe some of the weekends. Most GTP'ers with kids tend to start work after tea/baths/beds so they get some time with their family. This is my plan, but then our boys are only 5 and 4 ,so are safely in bed by 7pm!
    Weekends seem to be a matter of workload v organisation v family obligations. From those I asked, some people worked all weekend (?), some always had one day off and some never worked at the weekend.
    I think the workload is similar on PGCE or GTP so your husband and children should be well-briefed and on-side before you start.
    Hope that helps...
  6. Hi Clive,
    Thank you for your replies. I too will be an older student when I start, it's actually my birthday today [​IMG] 37... so I will be veery near 40 when I start! My husband has been a teacher for the past 15 years and I STILL remember his PGCE and NQT year.... that is why I am so worried about how I am going to cope! We have already said that I would have to start work once the children are in bed... or even if they are not! Come 8pm would have to be my start work time!
    I hope to get a place on the CILT GTP course... but I know it is sooo competitive... we are moving back to the UK this summer, after 6 years of living in Spain, and we will be living in a school house, my husband has got a job teaching at a private school so we are very lucky and we get a house with his job. I will be going to see the Head as soon as we are settled and see if I can get some experience as a Language Assistant at the school even if it were on a voluntary basis. I hope that it might help with my application for the GTP.They asked me if I might be interested in teaching Spanish IB at some stage, which of course I said YES to, but I would like to get the qualification, do it all properly... I might eeeven ask them if they would be willing to be a training school... as I know with the GTP they don't guarantee sending you to a school in your area.. fingers crossed!
    Thanks again [​IMG]

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