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3 after school sessions in one week?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by manchoon, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. This week we have had a twilight inset on Monday until 5, will be having a year team meeting on Tuesday until 5 and now we have been told as individual teachers within our department that we have to run coursework sessions on Wednesday for students who don't have C grade folders to help them redraft in order to get a C
    Am I being unreasonable to think it is unfair to ask us to stay behind 3 days a week after school in row?
    I know the NUT has guidelines about this with 2 being the maximum number of after school sessions a school should have but we have been told that we have to do this and there is no room for discussion. Is this ok?
    I'm also not sure about these coursework sessions. They will be running every week for an hour for the next 5 weeks. Each teacher has 4 or 5 students. Is the school allowed to direct our time like this when these seem like extra lessons on top of our fully allocated timetables? Especially when they are not in place of other sessions like faculty meetings but actually on top of them?
  2. I have no idea about whether it's right or even allowed but at my school we are fairly frequently in the same boat. I am also teaching additional booster lessons for targeted students during assembly time (both sessions on my already full days) and one after school revision session on the same day.
    Hopefully at least the gained time when the Year 11 students leave will make up for it a little. Sorry I couldn't help more.
  3. Have you worked out how much of your directed time these commitments all take up (meetings and extra teaching sessions)?

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