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2Simple app

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by onthewayhome, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Is anyone using the 2Simple app 2BuildAProfile?
    We are looking into purchasing it (along with ipods/ipads) for our setting.
    Any comments welcome. Or if anyone is using something similar or better.
  2. I am so interested in this too.

    I have been looking at 3 different systems.

    1. The 2simple app ( but it does not do 'levels' at key points in the year)

    2. Orbit ( there have been some negative comments on here recently??

    3. Target tracker ( seems the most complete package ... But the most expensive)

    Advice, whether good or bad would be greatly appreciated.

    Please .
  3. popidol689

    popidol689 New commenter

    I have used it since Sept. I have my own iPad, which I then photograph the children within my small groups of 6, and then write the evidence in just after, and the TA then files it in their profile. I also use it for general observations of child imitated activities, to record work etc

    I then send all my evidence that I have gathered once a week to my email and print on a Friday and me and my TA file it away in chronic official order so you can see each childs progression. It doesn't take long at all....

    I recommend not buying the appe iPad 2 however which is what I have as the camera is not great. The current apple iPad camera is much better,
  4. hi I have posted about 'learninglogic' before on here - the best one - called look@me - it does everything. You have an ipod - no sim. If you are observing or remarking on the remarkable then scroll on to a child's name - take the photo & add your comment/obs - add your Aspect & Assessment straightaway - then go on to the next child. At the end of the day all the obs are highlighted (on the laptop) & you can just go into them to check or add anything. No transferring or group photos etc. The parents see the next day - you can read their comments that they add. Each child has tabs for any notes, their Characteristics of Learning, & also Coverage - very helpful. This has saved me hours of time not to mention ink & paper - & I can monitor very easily without piles of books/stickies etc - it's less intrusive in the setting & so much quicker. Also if you have any queries their team answer straightaway. Been using for 3 years with no problems. P.S. I don't work for them - as 1 grumpy teacher on here suggested! Good luck!
  5. Anyone else?
  6. We use 2build a profile on iPod Touch. It's great. We don't do any of the long-winded filing that a previous poster explained. We take the pic (or sometimes add an obs without pic), type in the post it note, add the child/children, then the development matters statement and that's it logged. You can do the write up later if you are in a rush. Every so often, I have a look at a child's profile on the web suite to know what balance of evidence we have, and after each parents evening, we email the portfolio so far to the parents. There are grids on the web suite that show which statements/ELGs each child has covered. It's great.
  7. Yes, this is the one I mean. How do you get on with the ipod? Is it big enough?
  8. It is big enough generally, but takes a little getting used to typing the notes on it. Eventually, 2Simple plan to allow users to type up on a computer later but that's not developed yet. I love being able to put it in my pocket either in the classroom or outside, so it's always there. I think an iPad would be too bulky to be able to get stuck in with supporting children. I'd have to keep putting it down!
  9. outdoormaths

    outdoormaths New commenter

    Has anyone got any experience with any of the other apps like tapestry, early essence or evidence for learning? We have iPads so was having a look.
  10. Yaaa i use tapestry for little bit of time.
  11. outdoormaths

    outdoormaths New commenter

    What I was hoping was that using an app would help with the transition from R to Y1.
  12. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    skitch is a good one for photos, as you can type straight on to the pic.
    our LA has told us quite firmly that no software is suitable for tracking, and that it shouldn't be used.
  13. We don't use it for 'tracking,' we use it to make learning journeys or portfolios. It simply shows coverage of the dev matters statements if you tick them when you think the obs you are recording shows evidence towards them. That way, you can see easily that if a child has shown evidence of all the dev matters statements at 40-60 then they are secure at 40-60. For tracking we use O Track.
  14. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    doesn't matter what you use, my LA maintain that no suitable software has yet been written for tracking. we don't use any at all, but that's not nevcessarily because of what the LA say...

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