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2nd In science help Please!

Discussion in 'Science' started by Mr Andy, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Mr Andy

    Mr Andy New commenter

    I have applied for a couple of 2nd in science posts this year
    already, but no interview yet. I have taught for 5 years now and have
    always managed to get interview offers in the past, but I'm a bit unsure
    how to change my applications to suit 2nd in science posts.
    wasn't too worried about the previous 2 applications but I really really
    want to get the post I am now applying for. It just ticks all of my
    boxes and I have the experience that would suit the job description
    perfectly. Problem is turning my letter from a "this is what I do" to a
    "this is why I am suitable to be a 2nd in science".
    Any pointers would be very welcome, please help!
  2. Check out the advice on the job seekers forum. It works for any post. Good luck.
  3. Mr Andy

    Mr Andy New commenter

  4. Hi,
    Having just appointed a second in dept after a few years of looking for a suitible candidate I would say that its really important as you say, you make it clearhow you now have the skills for a second in dept. Spend some time looking at the job description and department carefully and make sure that you are giving examples of how you would be able to meet the requirements. Hopefully you have also had the opportunity over your 5 years of teaching to take responsibility for an area in your team and I always like to see evidence of someone who has already shown initative and innovation. Make sure that you also make clear your passion for teaching and take some time to explain how you are also an effective practionnaire and how again this could be shared with other team members. Finally think about what you can give to the science team, the school and equally why you specifically want that job.
    I hope that helps and I hope you get an interview, if you have amy more questions then feel free to message me.
  5. Mr Andy

    Mr Andy New commenter

    Thanks for thesupport and encouragement J. Have now posted application for the "must have" jobingers crossed this time!
  6. Mr Andy

    Mr Andy New commenter

    Interview on friday 13th!! [​IMG]

  7. How did it go?

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