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29 Public Domain English Teaching Books

Discussion in 'English' started by peterfogarty, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. peterfogarty

    peterfogarty New commenter

    I have created a list of 29 Public Domain English Teaching Books. you can download them and share them for free. To make them easier to find I have placed them all on the home page of http://www.timetoteach.co.uk. I am now in the process of working from the top of the list down. I will convert them all from .pdf files into editable word files, add lots of colourful pictures to them and remove all the advertising links from them.

    I would really appreciate anyone sharing this link online or offline with other teachers, parents and students. Like the link in Facebook, share it on Twitter... etc... the books I have collected together are really great and explain all the different features of teaching grammar and English in general. I just now really want them to become a lot better known, used and shared.

    I would also love to know any more sources of public domain education books I could add to this list and make everyone's lives easier and cheaper!

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