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28 days or 28 working days?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by anon331, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Just wondering, does anyone know whether the universities have 28 actual days, so exactly 4 weeks to respond or whether it's actually 28 working days? If it's working days it could be an extra week and a half on top of when I'm expecting to hear by, not sure I can cope with all this waiting around anymore!!
  2. Also, is it from the day that they receive your application or the day that they process it? It took them quite a few days to process it after the GTTR sent it to them!
  3. Uh...I really wouldn't go by the number of days or anything that it says on the GTTR website!

    Given the massive disgrace that this years application process has been nobody seems to stick to any deadlines...or GTTR decides to just move deadlines without telling the applicants!

    I submitted by application on October 8th. At the time of submitting my application the deadline according to GTTR was January 19th for the uni to make it's choice. That was then moved to February 14...which has been moved again to the 28th. It's a load of ***.

    Initially the GTTR site said that universities has a maximum of 56 days from receiving an application to provide a final decision.

    My first choice didn't make a decision until 123 days after they first received my application!!

    I wouldn't trust anything on the GTTR website.
  4. I figured that as all figures have been released now the unis might be a bit more likely to do things by deadline.

    I'm giving up staying in Thailand for longer for this as I really want a PGCE place. But everything's taking so long for so many people that I'm concerned the same will happen with me, I'm going to be so gutted if I don't get a place anywhere if everyone takes so long to decide things that I can't apply anywhere else because they're full.

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