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25 minute Interview lesson to low ability year 7 group on investigative skills

Discussion in 'Science' started by sjcowen, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. I would really appreciate some guidance re the above. I have an interview next week and feel completely out of my depth as I'm only 3 months into PGCE so have no interview experience and absolutely no idea even where to begin. Any tips or ideas would be gratefully received.
  2. you could do a planning exercise about a really easy practical

    ie does the amount of salt affect boiling temp of water?
    or an investigation of factors effecting the rate of fall of a small paper helicopter; mass, balde size etc??
  3. Thanks so much..
  4. You only have 25 minutes and they are low ability -
    I would elicit what they understand by investigation - try to lead them to 'find something out' - who might carry out investigations - policemen, scenes of crime officers - scientists ---
    there is a really good resource
    which expalins the process really well.
    I like the helicopter (whilicopter) investigation - it will appeal to the students - you could show them 2 different ones (one with long blades - one short) and ask which will reach the ground first - maybe get them to move to a particular place for each answer - then ask why?
    You could then ask them to think about what else they could change - width of blades, material made out of, mass attached (you could provide some prompts - paperclips, card, paper of different thicknesses)
    Explain that these are variables - you have to change only one and keep the others the same.
    Ask how you would carry out the investigation ---- what would you measure?
    You need to show the pupils have learnt something - so then you could ask them to write on a mini whiteboard the variable they would change - and the ones they would keep the same. Use post-its if no mini-whiteboard available.....
    (This would show they had understood what a variable is)
    Hope this helps

  5. This is brilliant thanks so much. Is the concept of dependent and independent variables etc taught in year 7? not sure whether to use these terms or just to steer clear. You've been a great help thank you.

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