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24 hours and posts still not showing.

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by Ordinal, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. Thanks for getting those posts cleared. Any word on when I get to post without being moderated first? It's frustrating to watch conversations zoom past without being able to have any input. Cheers.

  2. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    Dear Ordinal,

    Welcome to TES Community.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Sorry that there was a delay in your posts over the weekend.

    We endeavour to moderate posts usually within 24 hours, but during busy periods this can take longer.

    We don’t give out timescales as to how long an individual’s posts are premoderated for because every case is unique. The moderation team reviews each case based on an individual’s posting habits.

    Due to some posters (e.g. trolls, banned members returning to the forums) abusing their posting privileges we are reviewing all new users' posting habits.

    Please be assured that once the moderation team are confident of your posting habits then your status will be changed to an approved member.

    The moderation policy states:

    We reserve the right to remove content, lock threads, ban members or moderate user posts in our moderated forums at our discretion.

    We reserve the right to amend our moderation policy at any time without notice.

  3. Thanks for your reply, Rosaline. Given the delays I would be surprised if the moderation team have the time to subject posts to any rigorous behaviour framework. I want to be able to participate in the Community but right now by the time my posts appear the discussion has moved on by at least a page and my input is not seen. It's almost as if TES wants to discourage membership. How about appending new members' moderated posts to the end of discussions? With your arbitrary long probation periods, a little goodwill like this would go a long way to countering frustration and retaining new members.
  4. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    You're welcome.

    TES does not want to discourage membership, on the contrary, the company wants to encourage new members to use the forum.

    You are very fortunate to have found the opinion forum so quickly and have the time to post so frequently on that one group. Most new users do not know where to post their query or complaint but I'm glad that you've managed to find your way around the forums so quickly.

    The 24-hour moderation policy has been in place for a while now and for the time being this time frame will not change.

    At the moment the forum posts appear in the order in which they were posted. Most forums' posts appear in the threads in the same way.

    I'm sorry that you are frustrated by some of the existing processes in place with the forum but unfortunately disruptive elements in the community have made the moderation system more pertinent now than ever before to keep the TES Community a safe, welcoming, relevant and professional forum.

  5. Here I am, not feeling the encouragement.

    There was no fortune involved, the fora have a menu and when I have a complaint about a service I look for the complaints desk, but I am glad to see that my time and its management are a cause of awe.

    My complaint was not that my posts were appearing within 24 hours.

    Very sensible, yes, but my post count stands at over 100 without censure and I am still being pre-moderated. It looks unwelcoming and unprofessional.

  6. Some of my posts have taken 2 days to appear. Some posts have not appeared at all. I started a thread two days ago which has still not appeared.
  7. Perhaps if we bought some TES resources we might get some attention.


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