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22.5 month age gap....prams??

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Chica77, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I'm pregnant with my 2nd child who is due when my little boy will be 22.5 months old. I'm not sure what pram to buy! I don't really want a double buggy as they're so bulky, and i don't like the ones where one child is right underneath. The pram I have now is an icandy apple and apparently you can convert it to be a 'pear', but i'm not sure how suitable that would be for a nearly 2 year old. My son is pretty tall as well. I've also seen buggypods, which are like little sidecars, and i'm not sure how good these are as i've read mixed reviews. Any advice anyone? (sorry for lack of paragraphs - google chrome).
  2. I was always against the 'child underneath' ones, and was a little scathing when a friend bought a Phil and Teds (similar age gap to you).
    I then tested it out with her daughter and mine in it and was converted.
    We have a 26 month age gap, and our Phil and Teds Sport has been amazing. Once the baby was big enough to go in the front seat (not lying flat), i tended to put the older one in the back who is happy to look round the sides.
    It was been worth every penny - goes easily on the bus, they can both sleep easily in it, and means I can walk alongside the 6 year old on the narrow pavements between here and his school.
    Has a good re-sale potential too.
    I can't imagine the buggypods would be particularly easy to use.
    Does the apple then convert to a phil and teds style thing?
    I have a very big 3 yr old (people keep asking me if she is starting school in Jan - is in 4-5 age clothes) and a petite 1 yr old and both fit comfortably in front and back seats.
    Being able to convert to a single is fab (although when I only have 1 of them, I tend to keep the doubles seat on as a big shopping basket).
    Blimey, that was a rant.
    Did I mention that I love my P+Ts??????
  3. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Hahaha! I'll definitely have a look as at least they're not wide prams. The conversion thing for the apple is basically an extra frame that has a seat that goes above where the carrycot would be, so the carrycot stays in the normal place.
  4. Wow chica that would make the second baby really high up, wouldn't it?! (Confused emoticon) Funnily enough when I read your thread title was going to mention turning the apple into a pear- one of the reasons OH chose it; he would have another one tomorrow!! ;-)
  5. We have a similar age gap and we also had the icandy apple for our first. I did consider the pear but it worked out stupidly expensive (this was 2.5 years ago so maybe that's changed?). It worked out cheaper to buy the Phil and Ted's Sport buggy so we went that route (a lot less bulky than the icandy)- I wish I'd got this one in the first place! It's very narrow so is great round the shops, fits into my small car boot, turns really easily, and the kids love it - the older one goes in the back now without being strapped in so he can hop in and out when he feels like it. Best buy ever!
  6. Ooh congratulations chica!! [​IMG]
    ...sorry no advice!
  7. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Thanks Pink!
    I'm going to have a look during half term. I think converting the icandy apple to a pear costs about £400. I've only ever seen photos of it, so not sure what it looks like in reality. Hopefully they'll have one in the shop where i bought mine.
    At the moment I have a 2 door Polo, but i'm planning on buying a car with a big boot soon, probably an MPV. We live in a 2nd floor flat so I have to keep the pram in the car all the time.
  8. I bought my Apple a couple of months ago (after taking advice from the lovely ladies on here!) The price list I have is July 2010. It says pear pip converter upgrade pack is £300 includes large front wheel kit, converter frame, 2 seat units and 2 raincovers. Adaptors for car seat and carrycot are extra. It looks really good as a pear in the photos! OH is grunting at me and getting worried about why i'm looking at the double kit!
  9. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    £300 isn't too bad. I love my apple, so would like to keep it if i can!
  10. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    OMG! I sold my Polo for £1000, and that's a car!!!
    We haven't even put the pear together yet as we've hardly been out, and when we have the baby's been in the original apple pram and our son's been in his stroller. I'm going to get my husband to put it together tomorrow so i'll let you know what it's like!
  11. Ooooh I'll be waiting for the verdict! How exciting. I keep looking at double prams/buggies but am coming to the conclusion that a side-by-side one is out of the question and that therefore the Pear (or similar - er how cute is the Peach Blossom - oh I think i've got a problem....) is our best bet. Where we live the pavements are just not made for wide prams.
  12. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    My friend has that. She has a nearly 20 month gap between her 2 and she originally had a Graco which doesn't convert so she got the peach blossom. It was about £860. It's really nice, more lightweight than the pear. I think when you have the carrycot on it you can't have it facing you though whereas you can with the pear.
  13. Evening ladies,
    I am still on bubs number one and have NO plans for another until he is out of the buggy but I just wanted to say that I recently bought a p&ts explorer because I wanted something more practical than my M&Ps Ultima and I love it. I have had various other children in it in several different combinations and it is so easy to push and manouvre.
    I was always against push chairs where one child was underneath but I didn't buy this to use as a double. I am now converted though. My 3.5 year old nephew can sit comfortably in the main seat and I think he's big for his age. My son is only small, nearly ten months but not yet nineteen pounds and he loves it underneath, as long as he has something to look at. The only problem I have sound so far is that if you have a bigger child in the back you don't have much room in the basket. If you have a baby in a cocoon your older child will be on the front for at least the first few months.
    Good luch in your search!
  14. I have 17mths between my LOs and bought the P&T Vibe. It's been worth every penny tho to be fair I sling DS, have DD in the front and use the back as a shopping trolley.
  15. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    I'd say buggy board and reins may be best, but depends on what you want really
  16. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I considered that, but my son does still have a lunchtime nap most days and we go out with the pram a lot. We hardly use my car and walk everywhere, and i wouldn't be able to pick my son up if he got tired, he's really heavy!
  17. I had my 3.5 year old nephew in the main seat of my p&ts explorer this week and although he looks a little tall to be in it, he was perfectly comfortable and it was withing weight maximum.
    The weight recommendations for mine are 44lbs for the main seat or the doubles kit seat on the front and 33lbs for the doubles kit seat when it's on the back.
    Just a thought- if you are going to buy a second hand buggy form p&ts then bear in mind that almost EVERYTHING can be bought as replacement parts through their website and it's all reasonably priced. What I mean is don't be put off a bargain because of a torn shopping basket or whatever.
    I only have one LO at the moment but I love how versatile it is, I often use the extra seat on the back for extra luggage space!
    Happy shopping!
  18. I bought a 2nd hand P&T sport last week (LO 21 months, and I'm 22 weeks pregnant). It is quite heavy but I like it (the out and about is quite heavy too but they are a dream to push and don't feel heavy when pushing them). It's great as a single (with one child, reins and 2 pannier bags I can do a substantial shop with her in and out of buggy and push it home heavily loaded when she's in it or one handed when she's on her reins walking). We bought it this early as have always managed with just a from-birth Obaby stroller so thought if buying another we may as well use it as a single and get it off road over the winter.
    I was sold on the nipper 360 double - really really wanted one. They are gorgeous to push and great for off road too. However our front door / hall too narrow and also our back garden path... for me that was a deal breaker of a side by side as want to be able to wheel sleeping baby / toddler / both into the garden or house when I get home. I am now REALLY glad I couldn't buy that one as using the P&T I can single for her now, double with friend's kids, double when I have littl'un, single for short trips out with both kids, double for long trips (and so on and so forth).
    In my current opinion the out and about is an excellent option for twins as you'll definitely need a double for years.
    You say you already have an icandy and I understand the reluctance to start again with new buggy. Although bear in mind if you did like the P&Ts you can get the whole lot in reasonable condition second hand for £200- I don't know how much the conversion kit is to make a pear? Also you could then sell your original buggy if money was tight? I have never used an icandy (our stroller was £80 and did the job I needed so I'm not a buggy expert at all!) so can't comment on them as singles or doubles. I like the rugged / practical / off road aspect of P&Ts a lot but we're a camping / long walks / beach / forests family so it was a big selling point.
  19. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Hi La Mariposa

    Sorry to hear you lost a baby, but congrats on being pregnant again. When are you due?

    My baby is 6 months now, so I am pretty used to the pram! It is heavy, but it's ok, I have managed fine, and we use it a lot. I go on the train a lot for example and have had no problems.
    My son rarely sits in his seat, and i have him on his reins, so loop them round my wrist, and I still manage fine doing that and pushing the buggy.
    My son is tall - over 3 foot, the height of an over 3 year old - and he can fit into the seat with no problems. He even has a snooze in it from time to time if we're out all day!
    I will PM you with a link to my Facebook photos so you can see what it looks like with both kids in it!

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