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2018 Level 3 Music Technology and Music Performance Qualifications options

Discussion in 'Music' started by tjsid2000, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. tjsid2000

    tjsid2000 New commenter

    Hi folks,
    I teach at a sixth form college and we currently offer
    Music Performance BTEC (QCF),
    Music Technology BTEC (QCF) and
    Music A level (Edexcel).

    I am reviewing our course offers going forward from 2018 and wondered if I am missing any to look at.

    So far I have quite a few to look into -
    Rock School - level 3,
    NCFE level 3,
    Edexcel BTEC NQF - Music and Music Tech,
    A level music tech - have taught this for many, many years, but spec has now changed...

    I quite like the music performance BTEC QCF and the Music Technology BTEC QCF courses, does anyone have any experience of switching from these courses to something similar?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. tjsid2000

    tjsid2000 New commenter

    Answering my own question here, but if anyone else wants to chime in with any experience, please do.

    NCFE music tech - seems to be restricted to 6 units (although the units look good) similar to BTEC. All units are externally verified, plus there is a 2 hour written paper plus a 10 hour practical exam.

    Rock School level 3 - great range of units, but there doesn't seem to be a 1 A level equivalent option (360GLH), only 540 GLH options.

    BTEC NQF for music technology - 2 options now = Pearson BTEC National Extended Certificate in Sound Engineering OR Pearson BTEC National Extended Certificate in Digital Music Production. 5 units, 2 compulsory with 1 externally assessed (DAW exam?)

    Running out of time for now, but still have to look into the

    BTEC NQF for Music
  3. Montague78

    Montague78 New commenter


    I've been looking at A level music tech and the NCFE level 3 music tech too. Is the BTEC extended certificate on the 2019 performance tables? I can see the Foundation Diploma which is the equivalent of 1.5 A levels but not the extended certificate.

    I currently prefer the HCFE content, not liking the very large (15 and 20 mark) questions on the A level listening paper or the 60/40 weighting to the exams. But I'm worried about the uni's perception of it even though it has UCAS points - bit like the perception of BTEC when that first came out.

    I've taught both BTEC level 3 and the current A level and I think that the pupils came out of the BTEC which much better technical ability than they do from the A elevl music tech.

  4. lucythompson_ncfe

    lucythompson_ncfe New commenter

    Hi Montague78

    Times are changing within the HEI environment and the historical negative perception of vocational qualifications within the academic setting is dispersing.

    The NCFE LEVEL 3 APPLIED GENERAL CERTIFICATE IN MUSIC TECHNOLOGY is currently publically supported by Manchester Metropolitan, Newcastle University, University of Huddersfield and the University of West London as you can see by their letters of support on the qualification page below, but there are many more who now freely accept VCerts as entry requirements into higher studies as well


    Please contact me on lucythompson@ncfe.org.uk if you would like to discuss
  5. MusicTeacherReading

    MusicTeacherReading New commenter

    Hi Lucy,

    Is your NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Performance Skills included on the DFE list of qualifications for post-16 performance measures? If not, are there plans to re-write it or put something in its place? We do a suite of NCFE qualifications for Music and want to have a Music performance option but was told this didn't count on the lists for 2019? We'd like to ideally stay with the NCFE family if possible! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
  6. lucythompson_ncfe

    lucythompson_ncfe New commenter

    Thank you for asking this question MusicTeacherReading

    The level 3 Music qualification currently approved in the 2019 performance tables is NCFE LEVEL 3 APPLIED GENERAL CERTIFICATE IN MUSIC TECHNOLOGY (601/6779/8)

    You were making an enquiry about these qualifications below. Neither of these are eligible for inclusion in the performance tables however, they do both carry UCAS points


    Our recommendation would be that if you are seeking qualifications with performance point eligibility and also a music performance option, you should explore this with your External Quality Assurer. They will be able to look at the Applied General qualification with you and determine the degree of performance that could be included alongside Music Technology

    Lucy Thompson (Product Manager - Schools)
    0191 240 8976
    M: 0746 935 3104
    E: lucythompson@ncfe.org.uk
  7. tjsid2000

    tjsid2000 New commenter

    Thanks for all the replies to this. Very useful.

    It seems that the Pearson / Edexcel BTEC NQF Music Technology course only has a double A level equivalent option now - the Diploma (720GLH) or the Extended Diploma (1080GLH). I'm guessing that the smaller options they were trying to create weren't approved by Ofqual?
  8. tjsid2000

    tjsid2000 New commenter

    Sorry, I made a mistake - didn't see all the options there.

    Just checked on the Pearson site and have just found the Extended Cert options for the BTEC NQF course now. There are two options - Pearson BTEC National Extended Certificate in Sound Engineering or Pearson BTEC National Extended Certificate in Digital Music Production.

    Both are equivalent in size to one A Level.
    There are 5 units of which 2 are mandatory and 1 is external.
    Mandatory content (50%). External assessment (33%)

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