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2016 Edexcel GCSE German writng / paper 4 results

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by parkert, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. parkert

    parkert New commenter

    I've been teaching for 21 years now. I deem myself a good teacher with outstanding traits most of the time. I have been a team leader for the Edexcel GCSE French writing paper for several years now and my reports from the assistant principal examiners has always said how accurate my marking is. So here is my concern:

    For the second year in a row, my German writing papers have been marked at an average of a grade and a half to two grades below what I mark them (for internal purposes). I know how to mark this paper. I mark it according to how I have been applying the mark scheme, successfully as a team leader, for many years now. I tend to mark strictly and meanly anyway in class so that we have the "worst-case-scenario".

    Anyone else experiencing this with German? I never had it with French so what is going on?
  2. teacher8204

    teacher8204 New commenter

    Yes, we have had exactly this problem with the German writing papers and it has had a major impact on our results this year. I don't know if it's worth asking for one or two of them to be re-marked?
  3. nugget

    nugget New commenter

    This has happened to us too and has massively impacted results. French were ok but German marked down horrendously. Is there anyway of finding out why? I feel we need a justification for this!!
    parkert likes this.
  4. trey-desolay

    trey-desolay New commenter

    same for me - although with AQA. I had a great class who produced some amazing written work which was marked lower than expected. I was also amazed that the grade boundaries had shifted so much. For unit 2 higher tier it has gone from 35/45 last year to 41/45 for an A*. Exam boards may argue exam is more/less difficult but it makes it harder for us to know year on year. Also with German being statistically a smaller cohort of predominantly more independent or grammar school students (I would imagine) you would expect more pupils nationally to get an A* compared to Fr and Sp?? This has in turn impacted A level uptake - am not happy!
    parkert likes this.
  5. parkert

    parkert New commenter

    Cheers all. So glad I'm not on my own. We are asking for photocopies of 10 scripts back and then submitting 8 where we feel that they have marked wrong. Check their website for details as you have until the 20th to do this. For me to give a student a B and they mark it a D is wrong. I'm sorry, but no quality teacher makes that much of a mistake. Borderline marks, ok, but not 2 grades. It implies we don't know what we are doing.
  6. helsav

    helsav New commenter

    I'm in the same boat. My top students seem to have been majorly affected with drops of 3/4 grades. The majority of my middling students have dropped 1/2 grades with only 10 out of my 42 remaining as the same grade I'd given. I've been told we need to learn what went wrong and then correct it for next year by my HOD, however this is the first time in 12 years teaching GCSE that my writing results have lower than what I'd internally marked as. Also been told no re-marks and reminded of the dangers of a review making marks come down. I'm so upset for the kids that had a straight run of a/a* in all subjects bar German as according to my marking they should have got a/a* in German too!

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