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2014 KS2 Maths SATs

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by crazystars, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. crazystars

    crazystars New commenter

    Can anyone help me out with finding out about the structure of the new SATs Maths papers for Key Stage 2? I know that there is no calculator paper any more and that both papers will be non-calculator but does anyone know what will be replacing the old calculator questions e.g the ones that the children couldn't do in their heads?

    There is no sample paper to download unlike for English and although there are companies out there who have published '100% in line with the 2014 test" - how do these companies know what the new test will be like?

    I've also heard a rumour that paper 2 will be all problem solving questions?

    Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated!
  2. watchya

    watchya New commenter

    In short - no one knows. Very annoying.

    My guess would be data handling, symmetry etc, and up the problem solving quotient.
  3. Hi,

    Just a curious, not a helpful comment I'm afraid, but have you found any information relating to this yet?

  4. Hi, we bought a set of sample papers which claim to be 100% in line with the new papers. I'm not sure how they back up the claim but anyway, the Paper A was similar to past paper As. However, the Paper B was much more problem solving based. An example Q is "I am a number more than 15 but less than 30. I can be divided by 3 with a remainder of 2. I can also be divided by 4 with a remainder of 3. What number am I?"

    That was Q5.

    My lower ability group really struggled with it so we've concentrated on problem solving for the past few weeks. I hope this is helpful but I am a bit dubious as to how they know what the new tests are like.
  5. crazystars

    crazystars New commenter

    thanks all! I'm gald we're all in the same boat!

    I have also heard that there will be a greater focus on problem solving... but who knows!

    Good luck to all!

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