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2013 application

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by cha510, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Hi
    I know it's a bit early but thought I'd see if there is anyone thinking of applying for PGDE next year? Or to ask advice from anyone who made it through the application process this year and will be starting soon?
    I had a terrible interview in 2010 and have made the decision to give it another go!! I have a lot of experience working with children of different ages but feel I was missing recent classroom experience so plan to set some up very soon
  2. AirHostie

    AirHostie New commenter


    Im applying for 2013 too. Where are you thinking of applying to? Im going to go for Moray House Edinburgh and Dundee.

    It's good you have experienced the interview! At least you will know what to except! How are you arranging your classroom experience? I've emailed lots of primary schools but haven't heard anything back. Do you think emailing is the best way or maybe phoning?
  3. I would suggest that phoning, explaining your situation and asking to meet the headteacher (or head of department) would be a good way to go. I would also suggest that if you are still living near where you used to go to school to get in contact with them as they may be more interested in accomodating for you. I have heard of quite a few people having problems getting into a school for experience but both my friend and I approached the schools we used to attend and they were very keen to help us.

    No matter what though I would recommend contacting schools directly. It shows that you're keen and focused, and also means that they can't just ignore you or put you off.

    Hope this helps!
  4. Hi
    I will be applying for Strathclyde and Glasgow Uni, I attended Strathclyde for my BA but I will also apply to UWS Hamilton as it's closer to were I live. I just called my local primary school who have invited me along to thier PTA and asked me to brig my disclosure. I told them I currently work for the social work dept which I think helped, fingers crossed they will allow me to help out on a weekly basis. I do agree that the best way is to call and speak to someone directly and that way they can't put you off!
  5. Hey everyone,
    I am currently doing my psychology honours year at Strathclyde and will definitely be putting it down as my first choice. I don't know what to do about my second choice though as I've heard that if you put Glasgow as your second choice then you miss their interview process if your first choice is Strathclyde as their interviews are after Glasgow's. I don't know if their is any truth in this but its kind of worrying me!
    Ashleigh [​IMG]
  6. AirHostie

    AirHostie New commenter

    I don't really get the whole application process. Edinburgh is my first choice but only just doing my Int 2 Maths this year. I did call and ask if that was okay and they said they had some students this year who were waiting for their Int 2 Maths results but should I put Dundee as my first just incase? So confusing!
  7. Hi Ashleigh
    Thats a great point and one we should prob speak to GTTR about as the interviews for Strathclyde can be as late as March!!!
    I'd also like to know date for process to open

  8. Hi

    I might apply next year to Secondary Biology at Glasgow/Strathclyde but I'm confused because I heard that it's best to put Strathclyde as your first choice as by the time you're rejected by elsewhere it's too late to be considered by them as a second choice but then someone else said it's the other way round.

    I'm planning on getting classroom experience throughout the next year but do you think I'll need to have done it before my application or just before my interview so I can talk about it? And do you ask to like shadow a teacher and sit in on lessons or actually act as a classroom assistant or something?

    Also, does anyone know how much experience applicants usually have/are expected to have?

  9. Hi

    I am applying to Glasgow and Strathclyde for PGDE primary 2013. I missed out getting into Glasgow for 2011 entry by one mark so fingers crossed I make it this time!
  10. Hi everyone! Will be applying for Primary PGDE at Aberdeen, just passed maths access course over the summer so I'm crossing everything and hoping I get on PGDE! Good luck to you all.
  11. Hi folks,
    Won't be long until the 15th of Oct and we can get moving on our applications!!!!! I start helping out at my local school next week in a P6 class first and then hopefully I'll be moved around to get a taster of what is going on throught the school....exciting times!!!
    Just to get prepared for the application form now!!
  12. I'm also applying for my my PGDE (Primary) at Moray House this year. I applied last year although I was still arranging work experience at the time and wasn't called to interview unsurprisingly. From January I spent one day a week volunteering at my old primary school and was offered a full-time learning assistant position at the end of the summer term. Currently loving the job and feeling fairly confident about my application for August 2013. Fingers crossed!
  13. i am on the pgde (primary) course at Strathclyde - I applied for Glasgow as my first choice and Strathclyde as my second - was rejected without an interview by Glasgow before Christmas and then got an interview date of beginning of March for Strathclyde! Get as much experience as possible between now and when you apply and just sell yourself well on the application. If you get an interview brush up on curriculum of excellence and ask what questions others were asked in their interviews and prepare your answers well! good luck.
  14. I applied last year for PGDE Primary at Glasgow and Strathclyde. Similar to Bosscat, I applied for Glasgow and Strathclyde as my second choice. I was rejected by Glasgow before Christmas and given an interview for Strathclyde in March. Unfortunately, I was rejected from Strathclyde after an interview. The feedback that I was given was that I had a really good interview, they could see I was passionate about becoming a primary school teacher but I didn't have any school experience. After the Summer I started to volunteer at a local primary school. After 7 weeks, volunteering they offered me a job as a learning assistant, I stat after the October break. I am very excited! I was going to register with GTTR today, but as previously mentioned It has been down for the last couple of days. I look forward to applying and fingers crossed I have better luck this year. I am just going to apply for Strathclyde this year.
  15. HI,

    I'm applying to to PGDE Secondary. Distinctly unimpressed at the GTTR website crashing, though i got my application away in time - bar the reference, which i don't think my referee will be able to get back to them until the site is back up and running (or at least i don't think so, haven't managed to speak to her since she said she received the email request from GTTR).

    I'm a career changer, retiring from the Forces after 16 years. Getting school experience was difficult as i had to juggle it with the day job, but i managed to get some. I wrote a letter to the Heads of 3 local schools and they were all extremely helpful.

    Aberdeen Uni is my first choice. That's where i did my undergraduate degree, and i also want to work in the north of Scotland, so i figure their links to the local authorities up there will be the best. I had quite a long chat with one of their education department Heads on the phone. He tells me places are tight, as they are scaling numbers to fit what they anticipate will be the demand in terms of permanent positions at the end of the course and probation year. I assume that's the same for all the providers? Apparently the Aberdeen interview is a 30 minute individual affair to a panel, during which you have to give a 5 minute presentation on one of a number of different filmed teaching styles that they will send you in advance.

    I'm slightly nervous about the long term job prospects, but i'm determined to go for it anyway as it's what i really want to do.

    Good luck to everyone,

  16. Hi Grant, thanks for info on the interview process. Aberdeen in also my first choice. Not sure about long term job prospects but it's something I'm desperate to do, so going in regardless and hoping for the best. Best of luck :)
  17. grrrrrr GTTR website still down plus you can't get through to speak to anyone due to technical faults!! I see someone managed to get their application through before the site crashed, did anyone else manage??
  18. I havent even been able to register on GTTR! Is anyne else in the same situation?
  19. the message on gttr now reads that the problem won't be resolved until after the weekend at the earliest!!
  20. gttr now open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck folks

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