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2012 Winter babies

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by snowcloud, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. snowcloud

    snowcloud New commenter

    Hello, has anyone else out there just found out they're getting a very exciting Christmas present this year? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. snowcloud

    snowcloud New commenter

    Hello, has anyone else out there just found out they're getting a very exciting Christmas present this year? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Sadly not, but I congratulate you on your anticipated present and hope to join you on here soon (though I have a tendency to say this with each new 'season'). If they're not too heavy for you, would you mind setting up some chairs please...
  4. Sadly not either.....not yet should I say. Undergoing first IVF cycle after 3 years of TTC so please save me a space (trying to be positive - PMA) and save a chair for LeeBees too!
  5. snowcloud

    snowcloud New commenter

    Well I'm sending out the biggest positive vibes through this thread ready just for you all and saving lots and lots of spaces for you all xxxxxxxxxxx
  6. sunshinesarah

    sunshinesarah New commenter

    Congrats. I know lots of people say they try to avoid having a Christmas baby, but I love it. My birthday is on the 28th and I was born on my Mums birthday- year on year she keeps it seperate and makes it special. Plus side- i always spend my birthday money in the sales. I am in Autumn 2012 club, dr gave me due date of 25th november but by my dates think is more like 29th. My first bubba was 2 weeks late so might end up being a WInter baby.

    9 weeks today
  7. I'm in the Autumn 2012 club too but not sure on due date yet (think it's 28th Nov) as haven't got my booking in appointment until tomorrow. Think I am 8 + 4 today. Can't believe that by Christmas I'll be a mummy! Lots of positive vibes to those who are ttc and hope to see you here .......
  8. ITA76

    ITA76 New commenter

    Thats very sweet of you tiramisugirl!
  9. Yes, I'm 6+4 today - due on 13/12/12! Hoping to see some more TTCers on this thread soon! Winter 2012/13!
  10. Thanks Chica! Shame we wont be sharing the journey this time! [​IMG] You sure you can't be persuaded?!
  11. snowcloud

    snowcloud New commenter

    Yey! Congratulations everyone and good luck to all those TTC lets hope we have many people joining soon!! Lots of vibes to all! xxx
  12. Congratulations Mossop! I'm 15+3 due 13th October - it's very exciting isn't it?! Chica, I think you should have another! x
  13. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Haha! Perhaps if I suddenly had loads of money to afford a huge house and a nanny!
    I think if I had 3 under age 4 I would end up committed [​IMG]
  14. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Stop it [​IMG]
  15. Congratulations everyone!! thanks for starting this thread snowcloud =)
    According to some random online calculator I found, my due date is 11th December, but I have no idea if that's accurate since I haven't seen a doctor yet... Has everyone else here seen the doctor/midwife? I think I'm about 6 weeks but again not sure. I called up to make an app but they have nothing for the next 3 weeks. I'm slightly worried because I have no idea if I can carry on taking the medications I'm on or not... but I also heard you don't need to see the doctor till you're at least 10 weeks as they won't do anything? It would be nice to have some advice though since I haven't done this before and don't really know what I'm doing... except for taking folic acid and limited caffeine...
    Anyway, I thought I'd collate a list so we all know who's here, in order of due date!

    snowcloud ????
    sunshinesarah 25/11/12

    tiramisugirl 28/11/12

    rll84 03/12/12

    nelliel 11/12/12
    mossop 13/12/12

    hetivernon 27/12/12
  16. Hello all! I'm 6 weeks today and have my first midwife appointment tomorrow! Doc said i'm due 19th December but I know this date can change! Fingers crossed for a happy and healthy pregnancy for all and a beautiful Christmas pressie at the end of it! xxx

  17. yep yep me! I'm due 9th of December! Hello everyone. Been told about this forum so just thought I'd have a look round...
  18. Ok so I managed to speak to the doctor on the phone and she gave me some advice and told me how to get in touch with the midewife, so I'm feeling a bit more confident now phew! except that i've been eating soft fried eggs every day..... =S
    she also said my due date was december 10th not 11th as i thought, so seems like we have the same date Tygafish! not that babies are ever born on due dates! or so I've heard!
    how long do you reckon before we start showing? My husband and I are currently staying with my parents, looking for our own place. We don't want to tell them till we move out so we need to find somewhere asap!! also when are you planning to tell school? i was thinking after half term...
  19. sunshinesarah 25/11/12
    tiramisugirl 28/11/12
    rll84 03/12/12
    cathersc 09/12/12
    tygafish 10/12/12
    nelliel 10/12/12
    mossop 13/12/12
    contradiction 19/12/12
    snowcloud 20/12/12
    hetivernon 27/12/12
  20. Hooray - another 10th December! It's scary/exciting isn't it....

    I'm not going to tell school yet. I have my scan booked in on the 29th so will need to tell them before then as I'll need cover supplied as I've been given a morning appointment.

    Not sure about starting to show but I've definetly 'grown!' My stomach has expanded due to some lovely bloating! At least... I hope it's bloating and not twins!

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