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2012 PGCE Primary Entry - Courses?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by WeezeLdn, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. I've been monitoring London Uni Websites & the GTTR website for months, but they both still only mention the 2011 entry courses. The latter I am not so concerned about.
    Finding it a bit hard to prepare for my application when the GTTR opens up for 2012 entry when I can't even see what's available or the current fees.
    Just want to check it's not me being stupid and courses are listed elsewhere; or to see if anyone knows when Universities tend to update their prospectuses?


  2. It's not just you, Im having the same problems.
    I know what unis i want to apply to, but neither of them have 2012 prospectuses available yet. I have also been preparing my personal statement all summer, thinking I could send it off in September, I was all prepared to do it this weekend, only to go onto the GTTR website today to find out I cant apply unitll October, which is a bit naff because im probably going to have to change by personal statement again due to starting a new job soon.
    I just think im too prepared for my own good lol.

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