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2012 Maths Intermediate 2

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by michgibson1, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. <font size="2">Hi everyone, I've received a conditional offer for Strathclyde to do my PGDE (Primary) and need to complete Intermediate 2 maths. There&rsquo;s a choice between Unit 3 and the Applications Unit so I&rsquo;m wondering if anyone else is doing their int 2 maths and what option they have chosen? I&rsquo;m doing it distance learning so don&rsquo;t have any class mates to ask! Any help is much appreciated!</font> Michaela
  2. Hey! I did the Int 2 maths in 2010/2011 open learning and chose to do applications instead of unit 3. I contacted a couple of universities to ask if was important to pick one over the other and they all said either was fine. The college I studied at explained to me that unit 3 is usually chosen by schools as it prepares students for the Higher maths course. Hope this helps!! Gillian
  3. thanks for the reply! :) Was one of the universities you contacted Strathclyde? I thought that either would be fine but I asked the office at Strathclyde and they hadn't heard of Applications and said I should maybe do Unit 3 to be on the safe side. Think i'd rather do applications though and the college says that should be fine; still waiting on a definite reply from Strathclyde though :)

  4. I'm not sure if I asked strathclyde however I applied there 2 years ago and got an interview so I assume it would be fine!! I had asked Edinburgh and Aberdeen. The main thing is you've completed 3 units in total and pass the exam with a C or above. I'll be applying to Edinburgh and Strathclyde when applications open again in September :) Gillian
  5. Thanks Gillian :), I spoke to strathclyde today and it's fine to do Applications! Just in case anyone else is wondering!

  6. Hi, can I ask where you are doing the maths course by distance learning? Thanks.
  7. I did it through Stevenson College in Edinburgh however I think the year I did it was the last you were able to do it this way at Stevenson. My college tutor sent an email after the results came out and told me they had lost the funding.

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