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2012 Application Question

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by vik26, May 13, 2011.

  1. Hi, yes most universities will consider you even though you haven't gained your experience yet. Make it clear in your personal statement that you have plans in place for 2011-2012, and that although you haven't any experience, you definitely know that teaching is for you. MMU told me the best experience to have, is one week shadowing a teacher of your chosen subject, and one week observing one tutor group of kids (so follow one set around for a week and observe them in all of their lessons) as an absolute minimum. Have you made any arrangements with a school yet? I only ask because it's sometimes tougher than you think to get into a school (or maybe it's just in my area!).

    This time of year is busy for all schools as it's exam period, so you're probably right to wait until the next academic year. Good luck, and apply early - as in, the day the application process opens!
  2. mypseudonym

    mypseudonym New commenter


    Don't let you lack of experience stop you applying.

    I hold an unconditional offer from IOE for this September.

    When I went for my interview in February, I hadn't been in a school since I was a pupil doing my A Levels!

    Since I decided to apply for teaching I tried to get schools to allow me to observe for a week. It's so hard. Schools are busy and have so many requests like this - some even said they only let past pupils observe.

    When I went to my interview I explained the difficulty I was experiencing in finding a placement. The difficulty was also made worse by the fact that I work full time so even when one school offered me a week - I couldn't get that week off work.

    After I explained to the course leader during the interview, he said not to worry and that he would be willing to help me gain a weeks experience in one of their partner schools.

    In the end I didn't need his help. Shortly after my interview (before I'd heard if I had an offer or not) I managed to get in to a school for a week.

    During that week in school I received a conditional offer - the condition being that I complete 5 days in a school. Once the week was complete I got the teacher I was shadowing to write a letter confirming that I'd done it. I sent this to the uni and my offer was immediately changed to unconditional.

    So...even though the university states in their prospectus that they strongly favour candidates with experience....the fact that I did not have any experience working with children did not stop me getting one of only 13 places on my course.

    I know I was competing with other applicants who worked full time in schools, training, youth clubs etc. But I obviously had the knowledge and experience (in industry) they were looking for and was able to articulately explain why I want to make a career change to teaching.

    So long as you attempt to get experience before the start of the course go ahead and apply and be ready to explain how you know you want to be a teacher without having been in a school.

    Good luck!
  3. mypseudonym

    mypseudonym New commenter

    Clearly TES doesn't like paragraphs!

    Sorry if all that writing is difficult to read!
  4. You are correct that Business Studies is usually a GCSE/A Level subject, but this means that Y10 students will continue to study the course in June/July. I would try and observe some lessons during this period. It will help you to explain in more detail why you want to teach on your application form, and it made me feel far more confident when I had my PGCE interview in October. Good luck!

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